1. Donald Trump Dreams of an Endless, Bloody, Costly American War

    Trump has never been close to combat, but he does have a Purple Heart. He got it from an admiring old soldier at a campaign ...
  2. What the EMC-Dell Merger Means for VMware (VMW)

    Dell Inc. will gain 80% of the leading virtualization company, as investors remain bullish regarding VMware's robust growth ...
  3. Alibaba Invests In Best Logistics (BABA)

    The Chinese e-commerce giant is ramping up its logistics network worldwide to become a global player.
  4. The Top Republican Donors

    According to latest data from the Center for Responsive Politics, corporations and businesses are majority contributors to ...
  5. HP Enterprise Secures $8.8 billion Deal (HPE)

    HPE continues to trim its core business, with 75% of remaining operations focused around hardware, to compete with industry ...
  6. Indexing Beats Active Management in a Bear Market

    Think active management can come out ahead of index investing at least during a bear market? A performance review suggests ...
  7. Tax Wars Target Amazon, Starbucks (AMZN, SBUX)

    The EU is targeting Amazon, McDonald's, Starbucks and others. Tax avoidance is big business, pitting governments, the EU ...
  8. HP Enterprise to close $8.8 billion software deal (HPE)

    With this move, the U.S. company will slim down its overall operations and shift focus to other key business operations.
  9. BlackBerry Returns to South Korea (BBRY)

    BlackBerry is getting back into the South Korea market, gearing up to launch the Priv there.
  10. Piper Jaffray Sours on Nike (NKE)

    Increased competition for the European market among the reasons why Piper Jaffray downgraded the company.
  11. Intel's Deal Complicates McAfee Feud (MGT, INTC)

    MGT's lawsuit over the McAfee name got more complicated after Intel and TPG announced a deal to create McAfee, a standalone ...
  12. Qualcomm Seen Losing to Intel on iPhone 7 (QCOM)

    Everyone knew Qualcomm was going to lose some share in the iPhone 7 but some analysts were surprised by the magnitude.
  13. 3 Trading Lessons from Blair Hull

    Blair Hull of Ketchum Trading looks back at his career and shares his best advice for trading.
  14. AMD Sinks on Stock and Convertible Debt Offering

    Shares of AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) fell almost 7% on Wednesday after the company announced new offerings of $600 million common ...
  15. ETFs Bouncing Off Support, Heading Higher (EMB, VPU)

    These ETFs are bouncing off support and looking to head higher, in alignment with the long-term uptrend.
  16. Liberty Media to Buy Formula One for $4.4 Billion

    A high-powered new asset is motoring into the big portfolio of Liberty Media (NASDAQ: LMCA). The company announced it has ...
  17. Icahn's Strategy Behind Federal-Mogul Deal (FDML)

    Carl Icahn's purchase of the remaining public stake in Federal Mogul is just the latest deal by the billionaire to take a ...
  18. GE Dives Into 3-D Printing, Lifts 3-D Systems and Stratasys (GE, DDD)

    General Electric will expand its additive manufacturing operations with the acquisition of two European startups, boosting ...
  19. Can the Cloud Propel Microsoft Stock Higher? (MSFT, AMZN)

    UBS, which says Microsoft is on track to surpass its goal to reach $20 billion in commercial cloud revenue by 2018, believes ...
  20. Dos Equis Relaunches Its Famous Ad Campaign (HEIA.AS)

    The new Dos Equis man is younger, more athletic and not as much of a joke.
  21. Apple Boosts iPhone 7 Orders by 10% (AAPL)

    In an effort to seize an opportunity created by Samsung's problems, Apple is taking no chances by being conservative with ...
  22. Deutsche Bank Extends Tesla $300M Credit Line (TSLA, SCTY)

    Tesla has entered into an agreement with Deutsche Bank to borrow up to $300 million for its vehicle leasing program.
  23. Airline Stocks Rally (DAL, AAL)

    Airline stocks are up today thanks to reports that the industry is doing "OK."
  24. HPE Narrows Focus, to Report Q3 Earnings (HPE)

    HPE’s Q3 earnings report to justify investors bullish projections and support recent rally around the trimmed business' stock. ...
  25. Polycom Gets Approval for Sale, Names New CEO

    Wednesday was a busy day for communications solutions specialist Polycom (NASDAQ: PLCM). The company saw its shareholders ...
  26. VMware’s New Offerings Help Lift Stock Price (VMW)

    Investors see VMware revenues continue to surge from new enterprise agreements, riding on the back of the company’s exhaustive ...
  27. Western Digital Shares Pop 12% on Guidance Upgrade

    Nothing warms investors' hearts like a boost in guidance for one of their stocks. And Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) provided ...
  28. T-Mobile Mocks Verizon's Speed Claims (TMUS, VZ)

    T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray questions Verizon's claims of 50% higher peak speeds with its new LTE service
  29. Fed Beige Book Calls Economic Expansion "Modest"

    The Fed described economic growth, a key issue In the presidential elections, as modest or moderate in most of its 12 districts
  30. Ads Aside, There Are No Self-Driving Cars for Sale (TSLA)

    Auto illusion: the so-called "self-driving cars" you see in ads are not the real deal. Full autonomy is still a few years ...
  31. Junk Bonds: A Correction May Be Looming

    Corporate debt issued by companies with riskier balance sheets and lower credit ratings typically carries higher interest ...
  32. Bridgewater Predicts a Bust for China

    Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, fears for China's economic future.
  33. Nintendo Pops 27% on Mario's App Store Debut (AAPL, NTDOY)

    It might not be the main event, but the announcement that the App Store will carry a game starring Mario is getting Nintendo ...
  34. Oracle Buys Cloud Logistics Specialist LogFire

    In an effort to boost its industry-specific cloud-related solutions, Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) on Tuesday acquired privately held ...
  35. JetBlue, Delta and the Battle for Boston (JBLU, DAL)

    JetBlue retaliated today against Delta's increasing expansion into Boston Logan Airport.
  36. AT&T, Comcast Fight FCC on Cable Boxes (T, CMCSA)

    AT&T's DirecTV, Comcast and other players are fighting a proposed FCC rule on set-top-boxes
  37. MGT Sues Intel Over McAfee's Name (MGT, INTC)

    MGT Capital Investments is suing Intel over the McAfee name in a nasty spat with the controversial 70-year-old cybersecurity ...
  38. Driver Dies In Netherlands After Tesla Model S Catches Fire (TSLA, SCTY)

    This is the second instance in Europe of a Tesla Model S catching fire.
  39. Forget Dividends and Buy Corporate Bonds Instead

    As investors across the globe search for stability and income, it is becoming more common to see investors shift capital ...
  40. The Hottest U.S. Commercial Real Estate Markets

    As commercial real estate becomes increasingly pricey in top markets like New York, investors are turning to more mid-sized ...
  41. Starbucks CEO Endorses Hillary Clinton (SBUX)

    Howard Schultz has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton for president, the latest in a series of Democratic endorsements ...
  42. Harley and the Davidsons—and Millennials (HOG)

    Motorcycle maker faces challenges attracting new riders as its rivals throttle up and the baby boomer market shrinks.
  43. Commodity Stocks in Play Now (AKS, WLL)

    These stocks have experienced a sizable pullback after a big rally, presenting a potential major buying opportunity.
  44. Ackman's Pershing Square Bets on Chipotle (CMG, VRX)

    The activist hedge fund mogul's bullish stance on Chipotle has sent shares up 4.8% at open Wednesday
  45. Assessing Disney's Stock Valuation (DIS)

    Can shares of Disney regain their magic? This question, among others, weigh on the minds of many investors.
  46. Is Facebook Still a Bargain at All-Time Highs? (FB)

    Despite the strong gains the stock has already made, Wall Street sees no meaningful signs that Facebook will slow down anytime ...
  47. Amazon Drives to All-Time High Amid Vehicles Sales (AMZ, TRUE)

    Jeff Bezos likely sees the $1.2 trillion new and used car sales market and is looking for ways to capture a large chunk of ...
  48. Tesla Stock Rises as Musk Looks to Cut Costs (TSLA, SCTY)

    After several weeks of declines, shares of Tesla drove higher Tuesday on reports that CEO Elon Musk is looking for ways to ...
  49. Twitter's Board to Meet to Discuss Possible Sale (TWTR, MSFT)

    The social media giant's fate has piqued the interest of even some of Twitter's biggest doubters.
  50. Youtube's Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines Prompts Outcry (GOOG, NFLX)

    Youtube recently revealed that it has been using an algorithm to "demonetize videos" since 2012. The Internet Creators Guild ...
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