1. Is Real Estate Your Retirement's Secret Weapon?

    With stocks maybe peaking and fixed-income investments paying less and less, real estate could be the growth opportunity ...
  2. Activist Pushes Buffalo Wild Wings to Refranchise

    Chicken wings and beer outfit Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ: BWLD) needs to get a clue, according to activist investment firm ...
  3. Singer: 'The Biggest Bond Bubble in World History'

    When yields are nothing or negative, bonds aren't a "safe haven," says Elliott Management. The fallout could be "surprising, ...
  4. Has Lowe’s Hit a Speed Bump? (LOW,HD)

    Lowe's stock fell after disappointing second quarter quarter results. Has it hit a speed bump or will the dive continue?
  5. XRT vs. RTH: Which is the Better Retail ETF? (XRT,RTH)

    One of these retail ETFs is more popular than the other but which is the better bet?
  6. Deflation & Inflation:Supermarkets vs. Restaurants (MCD,KR)

    Is a widening gap in price differential at supermarkets and restaurants the beginning of a trend?
  7. American Apparel Finally Up For Grabs (APPCQ)

    Though American Apparel continues to struggle, its ‘Made In America’ appeal with recent steps to revamp business can make ...
  8. Emerson Buys Pentair Unit for $3.15 Billion

    Emerson Electric (NYSE: EMR) will soon be a larger company thanks to a deal it's reached with U.K.-based water-technology ...
  9. Is the Affordable Care Act Failing? (AET, ANTM)

    Another big insurer has pulled out of Obamacare-mandated insurance exchanges. As competition dwindles, will healthcare reform ...
  10. Should You Hoard Your Miles?

    Here's who should hoard airline miles (and who shouldn't). And how to use your hoarded miles strategically.
  11. Viacom and Redstone Reach Settlement (VIA)

    The tussle between media mogul Sumner Redstone and Viacom Inc. (VIA) CEO Philippe Dauman has come to the end.
  12. Wal-Mart Stock Makes New 52-Week High on Q2 Beat (WMT, TGT)

    Wal-Mart's results not only affirm that the consumer is alive and healthy, they suggest Target's struggle is its own to deal ...
  13. Apple Enthusiasts May Wait a Week More for iPhone 7 (AAPL)

    A new report claims that the latest edition of Apple's smartphones will hit retail stores on Sept. 23, instead of Sept. 16. ...
  14. Hyundai and Google Seek Closer Collaboration (GOOG)

    Hyundai ditches its stand-alone strategy to play catch up with industry leaders nudging into the disruptive autonomous vehicle ...
  15. The Rise of Local Smartphone Vendors in China (AAPL)

    China's smartphone market is getting more and more competitive with the fast rise of local vendors.
  16. Illumina Closes Slightly Up on Takeover Reports

    It seems that DNA sequencing company Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN) might be in play. Citing an individual "claiming to have knowledge ...
  17. Harley-Davidson Reaches Settlement With EPA

    Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) is making nice with the Environmental Protection Agency. Starting next week, the company has ...
  18. Private Prison Stocks Hammered by DoJ Phase-Out (CXW, GEO)

    The Department of Justice is taking steps to end its use of private prison contractors, which sent their stocks down nearly ...
  19. 3 Pullback Plays For A Quiet Summer Market (JCP, ADXS)

    These pullback plays rely on detailed technical data, rather than feelings or a desire for exposure, for entry signals, regardless ...
  20. Buffalo Wild Wings Put on Notice By Activist Firm (BWLD)

    Buffalo Wild Wings is facing harsh criticism from activist investment firm Marcato Capital Management.
  21. Facebook Traffic to U.S. News Sites Down up to 50% (FB)

    The drop could potentially threaten projections for media companies reliant on Facebook traffic to generate a large chunk ...
  22. Apple Is Expanding Mobile-Carrier Billing (AAPL, GOOG)

    Apple has launched its mobile-carrier billing services in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, to facilitate purchases with just ...
  23. Why Paul Tudor Jones is Bearish on U.S. Stocks

    Ready for the fall? Hedge fund luminary Paul Tudor Jones has put options on almost $6B worth of U.S. equities.
  24. Cisco Confirms Job Cuts, But Not as Bad as Rumored

    Rumors were swirling ahead of Cisco's (NASDAQ: CSCO) fiscal fourth-quarter and full-year 2016 earnings announcement on Wednesday ...
  25. Will Anyone Buy GoPro's $5,000 Omni Rig?

    GoPro's (NASDAQ: GPRO) six-camera Omni rig recently went on sale for $5,000. The package includes six Hero 4 Black cameras, ...
  26. Praxair, Linde AG Merger Could Create Largest Industrial Gas Company (PX)

    But regulators may have something to say about the proposed $60-billion deal that would give the combined entity a dominant ...
  27. Big Returns in Tech Go With Big Drawdowns (AAPL, AMZN)

    You don't get 30% annualized returns without the occasional 50% drawdown.
  28. Wait to Buy Silver on the Big Pullback (SLV, SIL)

    Silver has been strong, but the best buying opportunity comes on a pullback, not near highs.
  29. This Obscure ETF is on Fire (ENZL)

    This New Zealand ETF has been rallying. Is it sustainable?
  30. Will J.C. Penney Be a Turnaround Story? (JCP)

    JCP has appreciated over the past year but the short interest on the stock is an elevated 30.95%. What does this mean for ...
  31. Why Planet Fitness is a Healthy Stock (PLNT)

    Planet Fitness is in line with consumer trends and likely to continue to steal market share from traditional gyms.
  32. Why Fewer Breakaway Brokers are Joining RIAs

    The trend of brokers breaking away from their broker-dealers to sign on with an RIA has started to wane. Here's why.
  33. Johnson Controls, Tyco Vote for Merger (JCI, TYC)

    The merger deal between Johnson Controls and Tyco International will be completed by September 2.
  34. The U.S. Has Fewer Medals Per Capita Than 41 Other Countries

    Is the absence of a federally funded Olympics Committee hurting U.S. athletes ?
  35. TJX Companies' Strong Earnings Not Enough (TJX)

    TJX Companies reported strong results and increased guidance for the full year, yet the stock is down. We dive into the quarter.
  36. KKR & Blackstone Diversify Portfolios (USFD, AMED)

    Both Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Blackstone submitted 13F filings to the SEC for the second quarter, the reports are revealing.
  37. Sell These Stocks Near Resistance (PANW, ING)

    These stocks are at or approaching major profit-taking levels, which could cause them to slip lower again.
  38. Why Searches for Binary Options Spiked Six Fold

    You've been searching for binary options a lot lately. We wondered why.
  39. 3 Fibonacci Trades For Late Summer (INTC, AAL)

    Fibonacci retracement analysis organizes chaotic price action, highlighting hidden buying and selling opportunities.
  40. Intel Releases New Aero Drone (INTC)

    In fierce competition with other chip makers entering the booming, yet obscurely regulated drone market, Intel will target ...
  41. Soros's 13F Shows Continued Bearishness on Markets

    George Soros has apparently decided that 86 is indeed too young to retire.
  42. Ford Acquires SAIPS for Self-Driving Auto Plan (F)

    On the longer horizon for Ford is a transformation into what CEO Mark Fields calls a "mobility company" rather than its traditional ...
  43. Sushinomics: Measuring Cost of Living for Millennials

    Should we forget the CPI and follow the changing price of sushi? A different way to understand Millennial spending challenges.
  44. What’s Behind Apple’s Recent Rise? (AAPL)

    Apple stock is surging on news of a changing business focus, rumors of upcoming products and increased revenues from services.
  45. U.S. Mutual Funds Getting More Aggressive On Unicorns

    The increasing exposure taken by U.S. mutual funds in privately held tech unicorns is adding to more risk and uncertainty ...
  46. Is Nordstrom Back on Track? (JWN)

    Nordstrom has rallied recently. Will this trend continue?
  47. HD vs. LOW: Which is the Better Stock? (HD,LOW)

    Home Depot and Lowe's are both performing well. Which is the better investment option?
  48. Luxury Brand Retailers Face Strong Headwinds (RL)

    Luxury brands are feeling the pinch from slower global economic growth and the shift towards e-commerce.
  49. Are Restaurant Closures on the Rise? (MCD,RT,BOBE)

    A number of big restaurant chains are shuttering underperforming locations this year.
  50. Why This Mexico ETF is a Good Play Right Now (EWW)

    This Mexico ETF has begun to rally. Here's why.
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