1. Internet of Things Deal May Lift Skywork (SWKS)

    SoftBank's purchase of ARM Holdings is part of its strategy to gain a foothold in the Internet of Things market, which should ...
  2. Microsoft Backs Away From Windows 10 Goal (MSFT)

    Microsoft backs off from its goal of reaching 1 billion devices to run on Windows 10 by the middle of 2018
  3. Time to Sell These Stocks With Double Tops (G, NCR)

    These stocks have completed a topping pattern, indicating their run higher may be over.
  4. Bank of America Earnings Beat Expectations (BAC)

    Revenue, net of interest, came in at $20.6 billion compared to $22.2 billion in the same quarter of last year.
  5. U.S. Economy: Signs of Strength

    A lengthening list of recent economic data suggests that the U.S. economy may be on stronger footing that it appeared after ...
  6. Turkey Stock Tumbles as Thousands Detained

    President Erdogan has said he wants to 'cleanse' the army, sparking fears of a harsh crackdown and the rise of an authoritarian.
  7. The Week Ahead: July 18-July 22, 2016

    Major Q2 earnings announcements, U.K. economic reports and the RNC in Cleveland highlight our weekly preview.
  8. Turkish Lira at Biggest Daily Drop in 8 Years After Attempted Coup

    A failed military coup against Erdogan's regime caused a mass Lira selloff. Here is a list of some ETFs with exposure to ...
  9. Top 3 Mutual Fund Holders of Yahoo (VTSMX)

    VTSMX,VFINX,VINIX: Discover which mutual funds own the largest holdings in Yahoo shares.
  10. What Makes A Great Workplace?

    These important qualities make a workplace great for both employees and employers.
  11. Car Share Gets the Lion's Share of VC Money in Q2

    Auto related companies dominate venture capital pool
  12. A Look at Bank of America Ahead of Earnings (BAC)

    Lowered estimates will make the earnings easier to beat and by a higher margin. But it's a double-edged sword.
  13. Are U.S. Treasuries Still Riskless?

    Many investors are now asking if treasuries have become a risk asset as negative rates sweep the globe.
  14. 3 Single Digit Darlings Flying High (LEDS, HMNY)

    Single digit momentum plays can yield fabulous profits, but aggressive risk management is needed to avoid financial games ...
  15. U.S Retail Sales Beat Forecast; Inflation Benign

    U.S. retail sales rose 0.6% in the month of June, and inflation rose 0.2%.
  16. UK's May Sends a Strong Message With Cabinet Picks

    A first look at Theresa May's cabinet
  17. How Does Line Work and Make Money? (LN)

    Japan-based mobile messaging startup, Line, hits public markets today in a dual Japan-U.S. IPO.
  18. Tesla Quietly Ends Car Buyback Program (TSLA)

    The company has silently scrapped the buyback program that guaranteed buyers of a resale value of the used cars after a period ...
  19. Should Your Retirement Portfolio Include Alternative Investments?

    Alternative investments have the potential to generate attractive returns with the added benefit of protecting a portfolio ...
  20. Terror Attack Hits European Markets

    Markets are in the red the morning after the Bastille day rampage in Nice, France.
  21. J.M. Smucker Cranks its Dividend 12% Higher

    Food products stalwart J.M. Smucker (NYSE: SJM) is slathering some extra jelly onto its quarterly dividend. The company ...
  22. Trended Credit Data Could Increase Interest Rates for Borrowers (FNMA, EFX)

    Mortgage lenders will soon be required to use trended credit data to qualify borrowers. As a result, many borrowers could ...
  23. Nintendo Stock Continues to Ride Pokemon Wave (NDTOY)

    Investors rush to buy Nintendo shares hoping the next big thing will come from the Japanese firm.
  24. Behind IBM's 87.6% Rise in 10 years (IBM)

    Analyze IBM's stock price history to learn why investor outlook has been more important than financial performance for influencing ...
  25. BestBuy Beware: Amazon Gains Share in Electronics (AMZN,BBY)

    While Best Buy remains the largest electronic retailer in the world, it’s losing ground to Amazon.
  26. 10 Stocks With Low P/E Ratios (DAL,NE,GM,VLO)

    If you are looking for long-term value consider these stocks with low price-to-earnings ratios.
  27. Is Nintendo a Good Portfolio Play? (NTDOY)

    Demand for Pokémon Go sent Nintendo's stock to a five-year high. Is it a good play for your portfolio?
  28. 2 ETFs With Nintendo Exposure (NTDOY,IPK,EWJ)

    Pokémon Go has led to investors rushing into Nintendo, but you don’t have to go all in with these ETFs.
  29. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings (BAC, JPM)

    Bank of America could make incremental technical progress after a strong earnings report while a weak confessional is unlikely ...
  30. Is Your Financial Advisor Not Using ETFs? Beware!

    Discover why financial advisors should be offering low-cost ETFs to clients, and learn why it is considered concerning if ...
  31. O'Leary's ETF Beats S&P 500 In First Year (OUSA)

    Kevin O'Leary's debut ETF beat the S&P 500 in its first year of trading; now he's planning to launch 17 additional funds.
  32. Consumer Reports Advises Tesla To Disable Auto Steering (TSLA)

    The consumer magazine said the technology has potential to create driver confusion for drivers.
  33. Behind Verizon's 66.7% Rise in 10 years (VZ, T)

    Analyze Verizon's stock performance over the past 10 years. Learn how VZ's defensive characteristics and periods of strong ...
  34. How to Trade These Top Performing Sector ETFs (XLU, XLE)

    With the S&P 500 at all-time highs, lots of sectors are performing well. But these are the best-performing sectors.
  35. Sequoia Fund Exits Entire Valeant Stake (VRX, SEQUX)

    With Valeant stock rebounding almost 18% just in the past five days and rising 25% from its low through Tuesday's close, ...
  36. Wells Fargo Earnings Coming up: What to Expect (WFC)

    Wall Street expects the money-center bank to deliver a year-over-year decline in profits, but a rise in revenue.
  37. Why Soros Says "EU's Biggest Asset is the Ukraine"

    The explicit support for the Ukraine by Soros likely owes more to his philosophical and political leanings than his portfolio ...
  38. Why Utility Stocks Are No Longer a Safe Haven

    Utility stocks have been the best performing sector in the S&P 500 Index so far this year but many believe they are now ...
  39. Royal Dutch Shell Rating Downgraded (RDS.A, RDS.B)

    S&P downgraded Shell's credit rating to 'A' as market conditions remain difficult.
  40. Bank of England Leaves Rates Unchanged

    The Bank of England leaves rates unchanged in the first meeting since the Brexit vote.
  41. BOE Decision Puts Breaks on European Markets

    Economists expected a cut in interest rates but were proven wrong.
  42. Bank of England Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged

    The decision is sure to disappoint markets which rallied before the announcement.
  43. Juno’s Cancer Drug Trial Back On, Stock Flies (JUNO)

    Juno Therapeutics shares are surging after the FDA announced it can resume trials of its leukemia treatment.
  44. How Donald Trump Tried to Cash In by Dumping Sewage into the Hudson River

    Trump had two choices with a billion-dollar West Side project: build a sewage treatment plant or bow out. But there was a ...
  45. U.S. Crude Oil Inventories Up (XOM)

    U.S. crude oil inventories are at “historically high levels” for this time of the year, according to the Energy and Information ...
  46. Why Apple Can Be a Value Stock But Not a Defensive Stock (AAPL)

    Examine Apple's 2016 price decline to identify its potential as a value stock. Contrast Apple's characteristics with defensive ...
  47. Nokia Stock Jumps Following New Samsung Deal

    Many analysts and investors were not impressed with the deal Nokia (NYSE: NOK) negotiated with Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) ...
  48. 3 Safest Fixed-Income ETFs of 2016 (VCSH, BSV)

    Learn about the investment profiles of three very safe fixed-income ETFs and discover why they are all excellent ways to ...
  49. Quantum is Coming (GOOGL,MSFT,INTC)

    Alphabet's forthcoming Chrome Canary browser is just the "canary" in the coalmine--quantum computing is coming faster than ...
  50. Behind Chevron's 71% Rise in 10 Years (CVX)

    Analyze Chevron's historical price movements to determine which factors have influenced returns. Examine the effects of crude ...
Stock Analysis
  1. Why is there a negative correlation between quantity demanded and price?

    Learn what the law of demand is, the basic assumption of the law of demand and why there is a negative correlation between ...
  2. If an IRA owner dies after starting required minimum distributions (RMD) but the spouse is under 70½, can the spouse roll over the IRA into his/her own IRA, and stop RMDs until age 70½?

    If the IRA owner dies after the required beginning date (RBD) and his/her beneficiary is his/her spouse, the spouse beneficiary ...
  3. How do credit bureaus make money?

    Take a closer look at how credit bureaus make money, and learn about the kind of services they provide to both lenders and ...
  4. I make over $120,000/yr and my adjusted gross income precludes standard IRA contributions. My contributions to my 401(k) plan at work are limited to $18,500/yr. It seems I'm being penalized for my income. Are there other retirement savings options av

    Only your eligibility to deduct contributions will be affected. You may still make a nondeductible contribution up to the ...
  5. I'm worried about the economy and want to move my IRA funds from stocks and bonds to cash. Will I taxed for this?

    If you transfer funds from stocks and bonds to cash, the movement will not be taxable.
  6. Can I use my IRA to pay for my college loans?

    Learn about how to use your IRA retirement savings to pay for your college loans, including how to avoid the 10% early withdrawal ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Futures Contract

    An agreement to buy or sell the underlying commodity or asset at a specific price at a future date.
  2. Yield Curve

    A yield curve is a line that plots the interest rates, at a set point in time, of bonds having equal credit quality, but ...
  3. Portfolio

    A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents, also their mutual, exchange-traded ...
  4. Gross Profit

    Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs of making and selling its products, or the costs of ...
  5. Diversification

    Diversification is the strategy of investing in a variety of securities in order to lower the risk involved with putting ...
  6. Intrinsic Value

    Intrinsic value is the perceived or calculated value of a company, including tangible and intangible factors, and may differ ...
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