1. U.S. Retail Sales Missed Expectations for July

    U.S. retail sales missed expectations in July putting a damper on growth and decreasing the chances of a rate hike.
  2. Weak Italian GDP Further Threat to Renzi

    Italian GDP misses estimate, and Renzi's political future remains uncertain.
  3. Microsoft and Amazon in Videogame Livestreaming Battle (MSFT, AMZN)

    Microsoft Corp's (MSFT) Xbox unit announced it will be buying Beam Interactive Inc., a livestreaming service that allows ...
  4. How Conflict With Ukraine Can Hurt Russia's Economy (RBL, EEM)

    Tension between Russia and Ukraine threaten to undermine any hope of lifting economic sanctions early.
  5. Exxon Said to Buy Stake in Major Gas Field (XOM)

    Exxon is said to agree to buy a stake in Eni's Mozambique Area 4, seen as one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas ...
  6. Hillary Clinton's Economic Speech

    Clinton pilloried Trump's plans in a major economic speech, saying his tax proposals are a $4 billion "gift" to him and his ...
  7. Is a Crook Hiding in Donald Trump's Taxes?

    Jody Kriss may be no Boy Scout, but his contract with Trump called for him to get 10% on the Donald’s SoHo hotel. He says ...
  8. Top 6 Helpful Books and Movies About Short Selling (GLRE)

    Short selling is a highly charged (and potentially profitable) corner of finance, and these books and movies can provide ...
  9. Fast Food Restaurants Struggle Amidst Lower Food Prices (MCD, WEN)

    Fast food chains are collectively struggling as customers enjoy lower at-home food prices
  10. Macy's Lure May Be Its $21B of Real Estate Assets

    Starboard Value says Macy's has approximately $21 billion worth of real estate holdings that is not fully reflected in its ...
  11. Five Sports That Shouldn't Be In The Olympics

    The Rio Olympics have 28 sports competing, the maximum allowed under IOC rules. According to Investopedia's Aaron Hankin, ...
  12. No Deal: TV Giants Resist Video on Facebook (FB)

    TV companies are hesitant to hand over control to Facebook's ad team and concerned any deals would undermine the value of ...
  13. Will ETF PEY Continue to Pay Investors? (PEY)

    Dividend ETF PowerShares High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers Portfolio has been performing incredibly well. Does this rally ...
  14. Nassim Taleb Believes Market Crash on Horizon

    Nassim Taleb, who coined the phrase Black Swan, is bearish right now. Here's why.
  15. Samsung Continues Buying Spree with Acquisition of Dacor

    Samsung's purchase of high-end appliance maker Dacor is the Japanese company's latest foray into the consumer goods area ...
  16. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Biotech (IBB, XBI)

    The recent price activity of two key ETFs suggests that the biotech sector is poised for a comeback.
  17. Bill Miller Leaves Legg Mason After 35 Years, Takes Opportunity Trust Fund With Him (LMCJX)

    Bill Miller is leaving Legg Mason after 35 years and taking the Opportunity Trust fund with him.
  18. Soros, Branson Say Brexit is Doomsday

    What kind of impact will the U.K's Brexit decision have on world markets? Some leading investors think it spells doom for ...
  19. Why Roth IRA Investors Tend to be More Aggressive

    New data from the Investment Company Institute highlights the differences between Roth and IRA holders.
  20. Egypt Receives $12 Billion IMF Bailout

    The IMF has agreed on a $12B bailout for Egypt
  21. Valeant Shares Plunge Amid Criminal Probe (VRX)

    Federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation to determine whether Valeant defrauded insurers.
  22. Global Markets Falter as Oil Prices Retreat

    New reports add to glut worries a day after Wall Street was weighed down by lower oil prices.
  23. Crude Oil Headed Lower for the Week

    EIA reports rising U.S. crude inventories for the week and IEA sees lower oil demand in 2017
  24. PIMCO Increases U.S. Treasury Holdings

    PIMCO has increased its holdings in U.S. government debt to 45.6% in its biggest fund.
  25. Yahoo View Rolls Out New TV-Watching Platform (YHOO)

    Yahoo hopes its new video partnership with Hulu will drive traffic to its web site and help generate revenue.
  26. Buffett Nixes Credit Derivatives From Berkshire Portfolio (BRK.B)

    After years of gradually reducing exposure to credit derivatives, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway finally exits the market completely.
  27. An Uber IPO May Happen Sooner than Later

    With Uber's recent sale of its Chinese business to Didi Chuxing, the #1 Unicorn may be positioning itself for an IPO in the ...
  28. Commodities Continue to Outpace Equities (GLD, IAU)

    Gold, silver, palladium and even oil have outpaced equities, despite their strong performance.
  29. U.S. Corporate Debt at 10-Year High

    More debt is being assumed by companies with dubious credit ratings, raising the specter of defaults.
  30. Buy the Dip During Dog Days (AKS, CERS)

    Buying the dips can book reliable profits but aggressive trade management is needed to control downside risk.
  31. Why Spain's Sovereign Debt Is Outshining Italy's

    Spanish 10-year government bonds have been trading at a lower yield than Italy, which has significantly larger economy
  32. How to Bounce Back From Bad Credit and Debt

    If you have dug yourself into a financial hole and feel like you can't get out, you aren't alone.
  33. Breaking Down the OPEC Oil Market Report

    OPEC sees short-term weakness in global oil markets, but demand to rise in Q3 and Q4 2016.
  34. Bank of England Will Buy Another Day, Oil Prices Dip After U.S. Inventory Report

    Governor Mark Carney has failed to garner sufficient interest in his bond buying program.
  35. Tech Companies Have Raised Record Debt From Bond Markets This Year

    Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corp are responsible for 40% of all tech corporate debt issued this year.
  36. Gap Releases Q2 Sales Results, Banana Republic Down Again (GPS)

    Gap Inc. has released its latest sales figures with Banana Republic remaining the worst performing Gap brand.
  37. Financial Stocks Breaking to the Upside (ITUB, HSBC)

    These financial stocks recently broke above resistance, signaling another move to the upside.
  38. P&G Finds Targeted Ads Not Worth It (PG, FB)

    Proctor & Gamble Co has stated that it plans to scale back on targeted advertising on Facebook Inc., citing its limited ...
  39. Three Energy Stocks Headed For New Highs (PTEN, QEP)

    These oil exploration and production companies have completed tests at long-term support and look ready to head higher into ...
  40. Steinhoff Takes Over Mattress Firm in $3.8B Deal

    Following a few rocky quarters, Mattress Firm (NASDAQ: MFRM) investors may finally be able to get a good night's sleep after ...
  41. Berkshire's Record Cash Guarantees More Deals (BRK-B)

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on more than $70 billion in cash, almost guaranteeing what will happen next: ...
  42. Apple Quietly Becomes Big Company Supplier (AAPL)

    Known mainly for its consumer devices, Apple has quietly become a major seller to corporate customers buying iPads, iPhones ...
  43. The Vanguard Effect: Lower Expenses, Higher Returns (IHF, VHT)

    Vanguard distinguishes itself by being the low-cost provider in a crowded field of mutual funds and ETFs.
  44. Goldman and Barclays Warn Of Long-Term Bear Market in Copper (GS)

    Goldman Sachs and Barclays have both warned of an imminent supply glut about to hit the global copper market.
  45. How One Woman Used Credit Sesame to Improve Her Credit Score

    Shenil Walker improved her credit score and bought her dream car in under a year.
  46. ETF Trades for When Gold Pulls Back (GLD, GDX)

    Gold will pull back eventually. When it does, here are some ETFs to consider buying.
  47. NBCUniversal Buys Harry Potter Rights in Enormous Franchise Deal (NBCU,TWX,DWA)

    Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal have reached an agreement in which NBCU will have TV and other rights to the Harry Potter films ...
  48. What Is Michael Phelps’s Net Worth? (V,UA)

    Find out how much Olympic-superstar, Michael Phelps, is worth.
  49. Chesapeake Energy's Outlook Brightens a Bit (CHK)

    Chesapeake is not the "dead man walking" company it was once perceived to be.
  50. Troubled Aeropostale May Be Bought by Versa

    Versa Capital is expected to make a bid to acquire troubled retailer Aeropostale.
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