1. DISH Network's Sling Adds Popular Viacom Channels

    Since it launched Sling TV in early 2015, DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH) has steadily built the digital live-streaming service ...
  2. Commodity Traders Gearing Up for a Long-term Move Higher (JO, DBC)

    Based on the charts discussed in this article, commodities could be readying for a long-term move higher.
  3. Gilead Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Tuesday (GILD)

    Gilead will send its dividend payment on June 29 to shareholders of record as of June 16.
  4. English Sun Newspaper Endorses Brexit

    The majority of recent polls have shown a big swing to the "Leave" vote.
  5. Brexit 'Remain' Campaign Is Hitting a Wall

    Friday’s ORB poll showed 55% of respondents were in favor of Britain leaving the EU.
  6. U.S. Small Business Optimism Ticks Higher

    NFIB Index edges higher but remains below long term average
  7. Apple Pay Takes a Direct Shot at PayPal (AAPL, PYPL)

    Apple's mobile payment service Apple Pay might have some negative impact on market leader PayPal.
  8. Valeant's CEO Joseph Papa Buys 202,000 Shares (VRX)

    Joseph Papa affirmed Monday that he believes in his own turnaround strategy for Valeant.
  9. The Big Winners of the Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal (MSFT, LNKD)

    The acquisition price of $196 a share—a 50% premium, has made some people a lot of money.
  10. Global Fintech Investment Hits Record High in 2016

    A recent Accenture study reports a $5.4 billion Fintech investment in Q1’, predicting a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” to ...
  11. Yahoo Expected to Ask for Final Round Bids (VZ, YHOO)

    Rivals Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc.'s quest to buy Yahoo's web assets is entering its endgame as the search ...
  12. Symantec to Buy Web Security Specialist Blue Coat

    In what the markets clearly view as a positive step, longtime cybersecurity leader Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) has announced ...
  13. Ralph Lauren Unveils a Fresh Fast-Fashion Strategy

    Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) recently revealed a surprising new strategy under which it will streamline its portfolio to three ...
  14. MACD Bearish Crossover in Downtrending Stocks (NWSA, URBN)

    The MACD is a popular moving average based indicator, and it is signaling the downtrend will continue in these stocks.
  15. The New Gold Rush

    A number of billionaire investors are investing in the precious metal as a hedge against economic uncertainty.
  16. Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn For $26.2 billion (MSFT, LNKD)

    Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2 billion
  17. Billionaire Druckenmiller Backs Fund of Former Soros Traders

    This move sends a clear message to new traders who are debating which funds they want to start their careers with.
  18. Coca-Cola Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Monday (KO)

    Coca-Cola will send its dividend payment on July 1 to shareholders of record as of June 15.
  19. AMD Stock Nets 8% Rise In Short Interest (AMD)

    Sentiment forAMD has become more favorable. But it would seem not everyone is betting that AMD will succeed.
  20. Starbucks Has More Customer Deposits than Many Banks (SBUX)

    Recent financial analysis conducted by Standard & Poors shows that Starbuck's holds more customer deposits than several ...
  21. Walgreens Cuts Ties With Theranos (WBA)

    Walgreens ends its relationship with Theranos
  22. Chipotle Tanks on "Sell" Rating by Deutsche Bank (CMG)

    Deutsche Bank's price target assumes a decline of more than 15%, which would put the CMG shares below their October 2012 ...
  23. Europeans Grow Frustrated With Russian Sanctions (RSX)

    The French Senate voted last week in favour of a non-binding agreement to urge the government to lift the EU's economic sanctions ...
  24. Qualcomm Stock Already Reflects iPhone Decline (QCOM, AAPL)

    Qualcomm share price decline already assumes the potential pressure from falling iPhone revenue.
  25. Caterpillar to Boost Dividend, What to Expect? (CAT)

    To what extent can Caterpillar, who is struggling to grow profits, increase the dividend? And does it make sense for the ...
  26. The Bilderberg Illuminati Secret Conference

    The world's elite just convened for the 64th annual Bilderberg Meetings to discuss current issues. What was said will never ...
  27. Amazon vs. Big Retail—Investor Optimism is Changing (WAL,AMZN)

    Investopedia columnists Richard Peterson and Tate Hayes on the enduring importance of a "smile" in retail.
  28. Apple's WWDC Begins Today (AAPL, AMZN)

    Unlike in year's past, the WWDC is more crucial to Apple's core, given that the tech giant is coming off its first quarterly ...
  29. The Week Ahead: June 13-17

    A look at the week ahead in business and finance
  30. How Sustainable Is the Coffee Price Rally? (CAFE, JO)

    Coffee ETNs have risen 12% since the start of 2016. What’s driving this rise, and will the momentum continue?
  31. Dave Dombrow Returns to Under Armour (UA, NKE)

    Dave Dombrow has returned to Under Armour as the company's new Chief Design Officer.
  32. Here's How Brinker Plans to Turn Chili's Around

    Casual full-serve restaurant chains like Brinker International's (NYSE: EAT) Chili's and DineEquity's (NYSE DIN) Applebee's ...
  33. There's Still No Chance Nestle Will Buy Hershey

    A rumor that Nestle might buy Hershey sent shares of the latter 3% higher Thursday, but it's an idea that has long hovered ...
  34. How Millennials Invest Differently Than Their Parents

    A new UBS report suggests that millennials are less concerned about building wealth in the long-term than their Baby Boomer ...
  35. Gawker Files For Bankruptcy

    Gawker Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  36. Could Tesla Attain a $700B Valuation by 2031? (TSLA)

    Investopedia columnist David Garrity weighs in on one billionaire's surprising claim.
  37. Apple, Following Google, Is Getting Into Solar (AAPL, GOOGL)

    Apple is setting its sight on solar, filing to sell excess capacity direct to customers.
  38. Why China Imports Matter to Global Economy

    The Chinese economy is a very important cog in the wheel of the global economy. If Chinese imports slow, the global economic ...
  39. Goldman Sachs: Dispersion Creating Opportunities

    Goldman Sachs latest research piece
  40. Mark Zuckerberg's First Ever Facebook Live Q&A (FB)

    Mark Zuckerberg is hosting his first live Q&A event on June 14th.
  41. Amazon’s Clothing Business Is Bigger Than You Think (AMZN, GS)

    A look at a Goldman Sachs' report about the future of online apparel sales and Amazon's place in this market.
  42. LendingClub Stock Rises 5% on Funding Deals (LC)

    LendingClub has been under pressure since founder Renaud Laplanche was forced to resign last month over allegations of several ...
  43. SeaDrill Stock Plunges 11% After Bond Swap (SDRL)

    Investors fear the dilutive effect theSeaDrill's maneuvering to free up capital might have on its future value.
  44. AT&T Jostles to Steal Yahoo! From Verizon (T, YHOO)

    AT&T is believed to be one of the bidders offering $5 billion or more. The telecom giant has been working with an investment ...
  45. J.C. Penney Faces Higher Amazon Risk, Says Goldman (JCP)

    There are few places where retail doesn't suffer from the rise of Amazon. And unfortunately for J.C. Penney, it has found ...
  46. How the S&P 500 Will Predict Who Becomes President

    The stock market been a fairly accurate predictor of who is going to win the Presidential election.
  47. Tesla Fires Back Over Safety Investigation Claims (TSLA)

    The company said the whole issue was "fabricated" by a blogger.
  48. A Look at the New Global X Health & Wellness (BFIT)

    Investors who aim to raise exposure to the health and wellness industry may be interested in the recently issued thematic ...
  49. Wells Fargo Launches 3% Mortgage Down Payment (WFC)

    Late last month the lender unveiled a 3% down program.
  50. Uber Letting Customers Schedule Rides In Advance

    Ride-sharing company Uber will now allow customers to schedule their rides up to 30 days in advance.
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