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  1. Biotech Sector Could Enter Bear Market

    Major biotech funds are flashing warning signs, raising the odds that the two-year uptrend is coming to an end.
  2. 12 Stocks May Plunge as Investors 'Harvest' Tax Losses

    These once-loved stocks are already way down in 2018, and may decline further as investors dump them to record tax losses.
  3. China Weakness Could End Caterpillar Uptrend

    China's economic downturn has hit Caterpillar stock hard, dropping the Dow component more than 15% in two weeks.
  4. Visa's Stock May Rise by 7% Amid Strong Earnings

    Visa's stock is up 24% in 2018 and options traders are betting there are more gains to come.
  5. Banking Profits in Financial ETFs

    Learn why financial stocks are well positioned to rise into the end of 2018, and discover three financial ETFs that can be ...
  6. Apple's October 30 Event: What to Expect

    Here's what the tech giant could unveil later this month.
  7. 2 Cloud Stocks Poised to Lead as Techs Fizzle

    Despite the recent tech sector pullback, two soaring cloud stocks are well-poised to outperform.
  8. Cisco Options Traders Bet Stock Will Rebound 7% Short Term

    Cisco's stock is up 18% in 2018.
  9. FAANG Investors Grow Nervous Amid Market's Wild Swings

    Shares of the tech giants have plummeted from their June peak, and more downside may be ahead.
  10. Delay, Delay, Delay? Pay, Pay, Pay. For Turkey Day

    Don't wait another minute to buy your T-Day tickets. Every day you wait adds $3 to the fare.
  11. Why Is Micron Bullish on 3D XPoint Technology?

    Micron is confident that 3D XPoint Technology will become “an essential solution for new data-hungry applications.”
  12. Tesla Launches New $45,000 Model 3

    Tesla Inc on Thursday introduced a new $45,000 version of its Model 3 sedan on its website, launching the car as U.S. tax ...
  13. A US Stock Market Crash Is a Real Possibility

    The markets have not seen this level of potential risk in over two years.
  14. Dump Gap Before the Holiday: JPMorgan

    While the broader retail space has made a comeback in 2018, one bear expects Gap to continue to underperform on rising costs ...
  15. AMD Seen Facing Huge 20% Stock Swings Amid Earnings

    AMD has fallen 22% from its intraday high in September.
  16. 10 Stocks With High Return on Equity

    Goldman Sachs says dozens of stocks with fast ROE growth can outperform.
  17. 4 MedTech Names to Buy on 'Strong Fundamentals'

    One medtech bull expects the industry to grow between 4% and 5% for the 'forseeable future,' initiating coverage on a handful ...
  18. The Crude Oil Rally May Be Over

    The WTI crude oil contract has reached a major resistance level that could mark the end of the uptrend in place since 2016.
  19. Nike to Outperform on ‘Technological Evolution’: Oppenheimer

    Bulls expect Nike stock to gain over 17% as the legacy global brand embraces the power of digital to enhance most facets ...
  20. Macy's Stock Seen Dropping 13% As Earnings Plunge

    Macy's stock rose 60% in 2018 before pulling back in August.
  21. Starbucks Unlikely to Break Out Despite Ackman Stake

    Starbucks stock jumped to a multi-month high after Bill Ackman's 15.2 million-share disclosure but is unlikely to break out ...
  22. Channel Profits in Indian ETFs

    Learn what's propelling growth in the Indian economy, and discover three ETFs that are trading near technical support.
  23. Why Are Beverage Companies Interested In Cannabis?

    Beer makers and beverage giants are investing in and infusing their products with cannibis chemicals to fashion new products. ...
  24. Love the Players and the Games With This New ETF

    This new ETF taps into the global eSports boom.
  25. Procter & Gamble Reports Earnings With Negative Chart

    Procter & Gamble reports earnings with a P/E ratio of 17.13 and a solid dividend yield of 3.54% as the stock is a "Dog ...
  26. Buffett's Berkshire Is Undervalued: JPMorgan

    Berkshire shares are cheap if you calculate undistributed earnings in its portfolio of stocks, according to analyst Sarah ...
  27. EBay Is Suing Amazon. Here's Why

    If found guilty, Amazon could face fines and restrictions on how it can operate.
  28. Why Chipotle's Stock Is Ready for a 12% Rebound

    Chipotle stock is up 49% so far in 2018 and may have more gains to come.
  29. 5 Retail Stocks Seen Winning From a Sears Bankruptcy

    While retail players may win from Sears' liquidation, it could serve as a "negative industry data point."
  30. 5 Chip Stocks Facing Steeper Declines Ahead

    The fundamentals for semiconductor stocks are the worst in years, Morgan Stanley warns.
  31. Bitcoin Futures Prices Jumped During Third Quarter

    According to latest CME statistics, prices for bitcoin futures jumped by 41% during the third quarter.
  32. Campbell Soup Heirs in Showdown with Activist Hedge Fund

    Campbell Soup heirs are standing with the company in the face of an activist takeover.
  33. The Biggest Winners In An Uber IPO

    Multibillion dollar startup Uber is aiming for a long-overdue IPO next year. If the ride hailing company does go public, ...
  34. Stocks Slip as Fed Stays the Course

    Stocks posted their best day since March as investors cheered stronger-than-expected quarterly results from companies including ...
  35. China's Bear Market Breaks Down to New Lows

    China's benchmark Shanghai Composite Index broke down to new lows and may be poised for more losses.
  36. Microsoft May Rebound To New Record After Pullback

    Microsoft stock is up 30% in 2018.
  37. Semiconductor Bear Market Could Trap Complacent Shareholders

    Growing signs indicate that the semiconductor sector is headed into a long-term downtrend.
  38. Netflix Tests Key Resistance After Strong Earnings

    Netflix shares moved sharply higher after a strong third quarter earnings report, but traders will be watching this key resistance ...
  39. The Big Declines Aren't Over For Techs and Growth Stocks

    Morgan Stanley sees big risks ahead for 3 sectors despite the S&P 500's bounce.
  40. What Stocks are on the Marijuana Index?

    The marijuana index has significantly outperformed the S&P 500, but also carries additional risks.
  41. Facebook Seen Rebounding 9% Despite Falling Profits

    Facebook stock is down more than 10% this year.
  42. Icahn Takes ‘Significant’ Stake in Dollar Tree

    Investors sent shares of the struggling discount retailer soaring on Tuesday, hoping that the billionaire hedge fund manager ...
  43. The Hottest Tech IPOs Slated for 2019

    Ride hailing industry leaders Uber and Lyft, as well as online vacation marketplace Airbnb, are slated to hit the public ...
  44. Was Netflix's Second Quarter a Blip or a Trend?

    While the Street remains largely bullish on Netflix after its blowout report, at least one analyst on the Street has downgraded ...
  45. Adobe to Gain on ‘Best Fundamentals’ in Cloud Space

    Adobe skyrocketed 9.5% on Tuesday as Wall Street applauded its cloud-oriented product road map and sales guidance for next ...
  46. 3 Charts That Suggest Transportation Stocks Are Heading Lower

    Recent closes below support on the charts of three major transportation-related assets suggest that the broader market could ...
  47. Bank Stocks on Shaky Ground After Big Reports

    Commercial and regional bank funds have broken major support and dropped to 2018 lows, threatening the sector's multi-year ...
  48. Best Buy ‘Last Man Standing’ to Gain on Sears Bust

    The "likely" scenario of a full Sears liquidation is set to boost Best Buy's comparable sales growth, writes one Wall Street ...
  49. Industrial ETFs Bouncing Off Key Support

    Learn why industrial stocks remain attractive, despite ongoing trade tariffs, and discover three industrials ETFs at key ...
  50. Pot Stocks Too Pricey, Stay Out for Now: NYU Prof

    While there's no doubt that the marijuana market is massive, it remains uncertain which companies will benefit most from ...
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Stock Analysis
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