AB Inbev SA/NV (BUD), the world’s largest brewing company, may just be getting ahead of itself with announcing “plans” to brew its golden suds on the Red Planet. The Leuven, Belgium-based megabrewer’s new “Bud on Mars” initiative, announced Saturday at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, is said to include “a partnership that could lead to flying malt and other experiments on the International Space Station.” (See also: AB Inbev’s Q4 Includes First Core Profit Decline.)

The American Dream—in Space

While the colonization of Mars may be years away, the manufacturer of Budweiser has made it clear that the company is well ahead with researching and developing microgravity techniques for brewing beer in space.

“Bud on Mars” was represented by Valerie Toothman, AB InvBev’s VP of marketing innovation, in a panel discussion at SXSW, who joined former astronaut Clay Anderson, actress Kate Mara and Patrick O’Neil of the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space.

“We know that travel to Mars might still be a decade or two away, but this is the first step in the journey in a long-term commitment by the company to make sure that when we get there and we achieve that American dream, Budweiser is the beer people will be toasting with and will be enjoying there on Mars,” said Toothman.

A Taste of Home

While the idea “poses considerable technical challenges,” said Anderson, “popping the top on a cold Budweiser mid-mission” could serve as integral to a successful space mission by “providing crew members with commodities that remind them of home.”  

Interestingly enough, AB InBev’s space obsession is pretty characteristic of its industry peers. Two years back, Dutch brewer Heineken launched one of its brews into space, seemingly just for the fun of it, while earlier in 2015, Eugene, Ore.-based Ninkasi Brewing released a beer made with yeast that had completed a successful journey to space and back. (See also: Can AB Inbev Make a Comeback?)

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