This is one of those ideas that just makes sense. and the hit TV show, "Shark Tank", have partnered to make products featured on the show available in a Amazon store. The reality show, featuring billionaires like Mark Cuban and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and executives like Barbara Corcoran, is in its ninth season. It claims to have revitalized entrepreneurship in America, and while that might be a stretch, it is vastly entertaining to watch entrepreneurs and small business owners pitch their ideas to the Sharks who pull no punches with their feedback and are willing to put up their own money to fund some of these ideas in exchange for ownership.

In a press release issued by Amazon, the company says it is the official retail partner for the program and will launch its retail partnership coinciding with the premiere of "Shark Tank", season 10.

Why it Matters:  Amazon is creeping deeper and deeper into our lives across every screen, channel and platform. It announced a deal with Snapchat a few weeks ago to allow users to buy items they like in user stories via a feature called Visual Search. Amazon Studios produces its own content, as well, and it's not hard to imagine it offering the same instant purchase options to Amazon prime viewers within that programming in the near future. Do you like the sweatsuit that John Krasinski is wearing in Jack Ryan? You better believe that Amazon will want to make that easy for you to buy in one-click shopping.

What’s Next: In the press release announcing the Shark Tank deal, Amazon cleverly adds that any eligible Shark Tank entrepreneur is eligible for $15,000 worth of credits for Amazon Web Services. AWS, as it is called, is the fastest growing, most profitable division within the company, accounting for nearly a third of its revenue. This may be the first announcement of a content/retail partnership for, but it won't be the last.