Investors in online real estate database specialist Zillow (Z) were on edge after it emerged that Inc. (AMZN), the ecommerce behemoth responsible for forcing a number of companies out of business, might be about to launch a rival realtor hiring service.

According to multiple news outlets, at some point July 11th, while Prime Day was breaking records, a “Hire a Relator” link suddenly appeared on Amazon’s website. The page, which was later taken down, was reportedly located in the Home and Business Services section, a part of Amazon’s website dedicated to connecting customers with experts in home improvement, electronics installation, and various other services. (See also: Amazon Prime Day Breaks Records.)

The link asked users to enter their zip code. It also featured a "coming soon" message, together with the option to receive an email when the service is made fully available.

Source: INMAN

Despite not being online for long, the fact that Amazon might have uploaded the page in the first place would suggest that it is keen to eventually start enabling consumers to hire a real estate agent through its website. That revelation immediately sent shares in Zillow, a company that generates the majority of its revenues from realtor referrals, into a downward spiral. Zillow’s stock fell 4 percent during the day’s trading, starting at $46.31 and ending at $44.38.

When that news first broke, shares in Best Buy (BBY), which for the past 15 years has operated a similar service known as Geek Squad, took a tumble. (See also: Sorry Amazon, Best Buy Is Still Alive and Kicking.)

UPDATE: The Seattle Times reported on July 13th that a person familiar with Amazon's "thinking" called the report "fake news." Amazon's press office refused to comment.

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