It might be easier to repair your damaged iPhone screen in the future. According to reports, Apple Inc. (AAPL) is planning to roll out 400 iPhone repair machines by the end of this year to authorized third-party retailers in 25 countries to expedite the repair of iPhones with damaged screens. In addition to cutting down repair costs, the rollout will enable such phones to be fixed on the same day. Previously, retailers and service centers had to send damaged iPhones to an authorized Apple service care facility for repairs. (See also: 4 Ways Best Buy Is Collaborating With Apple to Boost Revenue.)

The machines, which are called Horizon Machines, were earlier available only to Apple employees and at select authorized service care centers. Apple's wider rollout of the machines coincides with efforts by states to introduce right to repair legislation. The legislation is being considered in eight states and calls for companies that use proprietary machines to repair their devices and products to make them public. In effect, this means that companies like Apple will have to make available software as well as tools required to make repairs to their products. Apple, which is famously secretive about its production processes and devices, used to charge extra for devices that have been repaired by unauthorized parties. In such instances, consumers generally preferred to replace their phones. (See also: Apple Is Making It Easier to Repair Cracked iPhone Screens.)

Per a CNN report, Apple has reduced the price to replace a phone to $129 for Apple customers without warranties and $29 for people with Apple Care. The Horizon Machine rollout also prepares the company to move in lockstep with its smartphone's evolution. According to the Reuters report, the Horizon Machine can help repair problems with damaged fingerprint sensors since only the machine can "tell the iPhone's processor to recognize a replacement sensor." (See also: Apple Could Ship a Record 250 Million iPhones in 2018.)

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