With the iPhone X slated to hit store shelves on Nov. 3, Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams is gearing up to meet with Terry Gou, the chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, the iPhone assembler, amid reports of production snafus.

According to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, citing two industry sources, the meeting will happen later in October when Williams is in Taiwan for the 30th anniversary of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. The sources did not say what the two executives plan to discuss when they meet, but it's likely to focus on how to contend with what is being called a “manufacturing bottleneck” for the iPhone X. Foxconn is the only assembler for the iPhone X while Sharp Corp., which is controlled by Foxconn, and LG Innotek, are in charge of assembling 3-D sensors for the device. (See also: Apple's iPhone X May Be Cannibalizing iPhone 8)

For weeks now reports have been surfacing about delays with production of the iPhone X because of problems with the 3-D sensor. That, according to the Nikkei Asian Review, prompted Foxconn’s Gou to visit Sharp earlier this month to help solve the problem. An executive at Sharp told the paper that since then the yield rate on the 3-D sensor has started to improve “gradually.” The yield rate is the number of usable units from the manufacturing process. The better the yields the better the margins and profits. Another source said that while the yield rate on the 3-D sensor has improved it's not where it needs to be. What’s more, it won’t be at a level that will enable the iPhone X to be at full production capacity by the end of October. Pre-orders for the iPhone X start on Oct. 27 with it available for sale Nov. 3. (See also: Huawei Could Overtake Apple This Year: IDC)

The potential meeting between the two executives comes amid concerns that the iPhone 8 isn’t resonating with consumers, prompting Apple to scale back on orders. Citing unnamed sources, Taiwan’s Economic Daily newspaper reported last week that the Cupertino, California technology company told suppliers of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that it will cut orders for components by as much as 50% during the last three months of 2017. The newspaper reported that the reduction in component orders could result in iPhone 8 device shipments of as low as 5 million units per month in November and December. The Economic Daily report also noted the company is having production problems with the iPhone X that could have an impact on supply. According to the paper, the production delays have to do with glass panels and not the 3-D sensors.

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