As Seattle-based tech giant Inc. (AMZN) builds its empire, making victorious strides in sectors such as brick-and-mortar retailing, the company is aggressively pushing to build a leadership position in the booming video streaming service market.

In order to compete against Netflix Inc. (NFLX) and a growing number of on-demand entertainment companies, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos thinks the company needs to find a one sweeping success show like HBO’s "Game of Thrones" to stand out. (See also: Amazon Will Be Top Retailer, Tech Co. by 2025: MKM.)

Last week, the global e-commerce giant’s CEO and his management team ordered a major TV strategy shift at Amazon Studios, suggesting the company is on the hunt for more attention-grabbing “event” television, citing "GoT" as a model.

A Focus on Drama With Global Appeal

In an interview with Variety, Roy Price, the head of Amazon’s in-house studio, suggested that after taking a close look at viewership data, management has decided that it will take a “big show to move the needle,” focusing particularly on high-end drama series with a global appeal. “I do think ‘Game of Thrones’ is to TV as ‘Jaws’ and ‘Star Wars’ was to the movies of the 1970s,” said Price. “It’ll inspire a lot of people. Everybody wants a big hit and certainly that’s the show of the moment in terms of being a model for a hit.”

The new orders included the sudden end of a second season of “Z: The Beginning of Everything.” Amazon also confirmed five new projects including a comedy starring Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, a Seth-Rogen-produced comic book adaptation, a period drama from Paul Attanasio and Wong Kar-wai and two other comedy pilots.

The video streaming revamp marks a larger initiative to create content that encourages more subscribers to Amazon Prime, the most significant element of Amazon’s e-commerce growth strategy, as well as expand Amazon Video’s reach. (See also: Amazon: Whole Foods Price Cuts to Boost Prime Subs.)

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