Bitcoin-Related Stocks Aim to Capitalize on Cryptocurrency Craze

As the price of bitcoin surges to more than $7,000, cryptocurrency-focused investment possibilities are emerging. (See more: Bitcoin Price Is Up Again And Could Go Higher.)

Wild price fluctuations have made some bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investors a great deal of money, but they also scare away some prospective investors. So what should one do to balance the desire to get involved against the riskiness of actually purchasing tokens or coins?

One suggestion that Investor Place has made is to buy stock in companies related to the cryptocurrency trend. These are companies which might be capitalizing on some aspect of the boom, but which ideally offer a bit of a buffer in case the entire market collapses.

1. Nvidia Corporation (NVDA)

Nvidia is a corporation that has seen its stock price nearly double in 2017, largely thanks to interest from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is because Nvidia makes high-performance graphics processors. These computer hardware pieces were originally designed for use with complicated video game rigs, but they have been co-opted by mining operations that generate bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The result? As bitcoin mining outfits have taken off around the world, Nvidia's revenue has climbed 40% for fiscal 2017. And its graphics cards have sold out around the world because the demand among miners is so high.

2. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. launched in 1969. This makes Advanced Micro ancient compared with other tech companies. And yet, AMD has quickly earned a spot in the cryptocurrency hall of fame because of its graphics processors.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA) decided to use Advanced Micro Devices chips for its cloud operations last year, which set AMD on a path to success. The cryptocurrency mining trend has helped fuel this growth.

3. Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)

Bitcoin Investment Trust is a company that aims to bring digital currency investment to small-scale investors. It is notable for being the first publicly-traded bitcoin fund.

It launched as a private investment fund in 2013. The value of Bitcoin Investment Trust is nearly double the value of the bitcoin it holds, allowing users to buy GBTC in a tax-advantaged account. The coins associated with the trust are held independently and securely.

4. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

As of this writing, Microsoft has not entered the digital currency field directly. Still, the blockchain technology which supports digital currencies has made a major impact on some of the largest tech companies around, including MSFT.

Microsoft has bolstered open-source and blockchain technology since its early days. (See also: When Will Amazon Accept Bitcoin?)

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