You could say Bob Woodward knows a thing or two about corruption in politics.

The veteran journalist, who serves as associate editor at The Washington Post, broke the Watergate story that brought down President Richard Nixon. During a recent Fox News panel discussion, he made no bones about his disdain for the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks has published hacked emails from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta's account that showed donors would give to the foundation expecting to receive access to the Clintons in exchange. During the third presidential debate, Fox news's Chris Wallace, who served as moderator, had asked Clinton about the conflict of interest. The Democratic nominee deflected by saying, "We at the Clinton Foundation spend 90%, 90%, of all the money that is donated on behalf of programs for people around the world and in our own country. I’m very proud of that. We have the highest rating from the watchdogs that follow foundations. And I would be happy to compare what we do with the Trump Foundation which took money from other people and bought a six-foot portrait of Donald. I mean, who does that?" (See also, Tale of Two Charities: Trump's Helps Trump, the Clintons' Is the Real Deal.)

On Sunday, when Wallace asked Woodward if voters are right to be troubled by the Wikileaks revelations, Woodward said, "Yes. It's corrupt, it's a scandal and she didn't answer your question at all and she turned to embrace the good work that the Clinton foundation has done, and she has a case there. But the mixing of the speech fees, the Clinton foundation and actions by The State Department, which she ran, are all intertwined. It's corrupt. You can't just say it's unsavoury." (See also, Top 10 Contributors to the Clinton Campaign.)

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