The latest clothing purveyor IPO to land on the market, Canada Goose Holdings (NYSE: GOOS), was a hit with investors. The company's stock rose by nearly 26% on its first day of trading Thursday to close at $16.08 per share.

The company, which makes high-end winter coats and accessories, priced its IPO at $12.64 (17 Canadian dollars) per share, and sold 20 million shares to raise around $253 million (CA$340 million). The bulk of this, however, went to the company's majority owner, privately held U.S. investment manager Bain Capital. In its IPO prospectus, Canada Goose said it would use its share of the proceeds to pay down debt. 

The company's brand awareness has been high since supermodel Kate Upton was pictured wearing one of its coats on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Since then, celebrities such as musician Drake and pro baseball player Jose Bautista have been photographed in Canada Goose jackets.

Though it's a mere baby on the stock exchange, Canada Goose's roots go back several decades. The company was founded in 1957, and was a family-owned business until Bain Capital bought its majority stake in that eventful year of 2013.

The success of Canada Goose's debut was likely due to several factors, including the brand's increasing visibility, and the fact that the stock landed in a relatively thin IPO market. Other drivers were no doubt the company's fairly consistent profitability and encouraging recent growth -- in its most recent fiscal year, it increased revenue by 33% to just under $216 million (CA$291 million), and adjusted net profit by 41% to $22.4 million (CA$30.1 million). 

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