The deadline to place a bid for Inc.’s (AMZN) second headquarters has finally arrived Thursday, with more than 100 cities and counties vying for the $5 billion facility, which is set to employ some 50,000 people. (See also: Amazon—Not Apple—Will Be First $1T Co.: NYU Prof.)

Since the cloud computing and e-com​merce giant announced the plans in early September, cities have gone all out with bizarre stunts to win over the Seattle-based FANG member. Although the exact number of cities that have submitted proposals is not certain, CNBC estimates that 100 have expressed interest, based on previous reports. The number could be much higher, as some cities have kept their bids secret.

Open Requirements

Amazon has few requirements for its second HQ in North America, such as proximity to an airport, a metro area of at least 1 million people and walkability.  

Tucson, Ariz., famously tried to woo Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos with a 21-foot cactus, while Stonecrest, Ga., promised to change its name to Amazon. Competitors have seen head coaches of universities set aside rivalries, while handfuls have taken more traditional approaches, offering tax windfalls and new state-of-the-art transit systems. In Philadelphia, students from the Wharton School of Business have been asked to pitch why Amazon should come to their city, which is also considering overhauling its tax system for the tech giant. In Canada, cities like Toronto and Vancouver are touting an immigration policy that makes it easier for tech talent to enter the city.

Moody’s Analytics has put Austin, Texas, at the top of its list for the win, ahead of Atlanta, Philadelphia and Rochester, N.Y. Forbes is betting on Philadelphia, while The New York Times is banking on Denver and Geekwire is rooting for Toronto. Amazon says that the final site announcement will be made in 2018. (See also: Amazon Gets Its Most Bullish Call Yet—a $1,400 PT.)

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