PPC Broadband Inc., a Belden Inc. brand (BDC), and Corning Optical Communications RF LLC, a subsidiarity of Corning Inc. (GLW), have announced a technical collaboration on global, broadband connectivity technology.

As the number of connected devices skyrockets, and the industry shifts to 5G, Corning and PPC hope to capitalize on a booming demand for enhanced broadband solutions. (See also: Corning Invests in GE-Backed Menlo Micro.)

A Long-Term Collaboration

The firms say the global technical collaboration will encompass a range of connectivity inventions, creating a broader availability of connectivity solutions for systems operators worldwide. The agreement between the two tech firms resolves pending patent infringement and related proceeding between the companies involving Corning’s EFC series of coaxial cable connectors. Specific terms of the agreement remain confidential.

Corning management expressed optimism with what the firm sees as a long-term technical collaboration with the PPC team on interconnect technology. “We expect the macro trends enabling the growth of this technology to continue in the future, as bandwidth intensity, cloud computing, and the number of devices connected to the internet continue to grow exponentially,” said Mike Bell, senior vice president and general manager of optical connectivity solutions at Corning Optical Communications. 

The Future of Broadband

Dave Jackson, president of PPC, added that the collaboration recognizes the value of intellectual property and expands the firm’s commitment to the connectivity tech industry as customers build advanced networks to meet the future needs of broadband. “The technology improves the reliability and efficiency of broadband communication networks, thus enabling advanced service offerings,” said Jackson.

The Corning, N.Y.-based high-tech glass specialist saw its shares rise 35% over the course of 2016, as the firm invested in a strengthened product portfolio with an emphasis on new emerging markets such as clean auto tech, wearables, aerospace and defense. (See also: Behind Corning Inc.’s Shares Rise 35% in 2016.)


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