Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of both social media giant Twitter Inc. (TWTR) and digital payments platform Square Inc. (SQ), went live on Twitter as 2016 came to a close in order to ask users the most important things they want to “improve or create” this new year.

The dropout programmer turned multibillionaire took the example of Airbnb’s Chief Executive Brian Chesky in asking customers to respond via tweets regarding eight-year-old Square and 11-year-old Twitter.

Media Giant to Work on Abuse

As for Twitter, Dorsey says four clear themes responders want the media platform to focus on are abuse, edit, topics and interests and conversations. With regards to abuse, Dorsey indicates there is “a ton of work ahead,” while the “biggest ask was for greater transparency around our actions (or inaction and faster shipping).” Users also called for a quick way to fix errors, by which Dorsey says in the future they may implement an edit history since tweets are “public record.” The Silicon Valley CEO also tweeted that the platform will make it easier for users to follow topics and conversations.

Responding to Bitcoin

In response to questions about Square, Dorsey says the largest response came in reference to Bitcoin​, API, loyalties and more markets. As for Bitcoin, Dorsey says, “we tried this with our ecommerce story years back. Didn’t see much. Would love to see a digital currency thrive.” Dorsey assured users that they are “working hard this year” on API in order to open more of Square’s services up to developers and testing to find a loyalty approach that “works for all.” As Square aspires to be a global service, its CEO says the firm will continue to push into new markets, although “doing that with payments is slow going."

The Bottom Line

Dorsey exudes optimism regarding the future of Twitter and Square and his continued service as CEO of both public companies. Twitter experienced a rough patch, seeing its stock lose more than 50% of its value over the most recent two-year period. Dorsey was reinstated as CEO in October 2015, attempting to drive a revamp of the company by transforming it into a more credible platform for news.

On the other hand, Square has fared well since its public debut in November 2015. After the stock took a hit in early 2016, Square has seen its shares rise more than 52% in the most recent six-month period. With Dorsey at the head, the payments platform will continue to build out products and services in order to serve as a one-stop shop for merchant clients of all sizes. (See also: Dorsey Defends Dual CEO Role at Twitter, Square.)


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