eBay's Stock Seen Rebounding 8% After Sharp Decline

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Shares of eBay Inc. (EBAY) have slumped by nearly 20% from their highs of late January, including a big hit in mid-April after guiding the second-quarter outlook below expectations. Now, options traders are betting the e-commerce company's stock is poised for a rebound and see it rising over 8% by the middle of August. 

The company will likely report results in the middle of July, and analysts are forecasting the company will report solid second-quarter results. The betting in the options suggests that traders are looking for the stock to rise following those results. 

EBAY Chart

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Bullish Bets

Traders have been betting that eBay stock will rise to about $39.75 by options expiration on Aug. 17. That is a rise of about 8.3% from the stock price of $36.70 on Monday. The $39 strike price calls have been seeing increasing interest over the past few weeks, with the open interest levels rising to over 7,000 contracts. With the options trading at a price of $0.75 per contract, the stock's price would need to increase to $39.75 for the buyer of those options to break even if held until expiration. 

The long straddle options strategy for expiration in August implies shares of eBay will rise or fall by roughly 8.7% from the $37 strike price, placing the stock in a trading range of $33.80 to $40.20

Solid Outlook

Analysts are looking for eBay to report solid second-quarter results, with earnings seen climbing by about 14.2%, on revenue growth of a like amount versus the same period last year. Full-year results are expected to be solid as well, with earnings and revenue both expected to rise by about 14% as well. 

Cheap Valuation

The stock currently trades at roughly 14 times 2019 earnings estimates and when adjusted for 2019 earnings growth, its PEG ratio comes to 0.91. That is because earnings growth in 2019 is expected to accelerate to 15.5%, making shares of eBay cheap at current levels. 

EBAY EPS Estimates for Current Fiscal Year Chart

EBAY EPS Estimates for Current Fiscal Year data by YCharts

Options traders are betting ahead of eBay's quarterly results, with expectations being that results will be strong enough to boost shares going forward. The bullish bets may be a shift in sentiment from the previously bearish outlook. 

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