Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) shares could be headed much higher, and it will have rising oil prices to thank. Shares have the potential to increase by nearly 20% over the longer-term from its current price around $87.50, to $105. That is because the stock is nearing a technical breakout from a multi-year downtrend, on the strength of surging oil prices. (For more, see also: Exxon, Chevron and Oil Are Breaking Out.)

WTI Crude oil could see its price climb by nearly 18% to roughly $76, from its current price around $64.50. The rise in oil is being triggered by improving global economics, tightening supply, and weak a U.S. Dollar. In fact, a recent article in Barron's is calling for oil to rise to $80, and while a continued rise in the price of oil is unknown, it is helping to lift the stock price of the entire energy sector. 

Improving Fundamentals Leading to a Breakout

Rising oil prices should help to grow Exxon's revenue, while also boosting its bottom line. The chart below shows how Exxon is on the verge of a technical breakout, as investors begin to anticipate the companies potential windfall. A breakout could help to lift the stock by as much as 20% to its next significant level of resistance at $105—about 20% higher from current levels. 

Building a Technical Base

The next chart also shows how Exxon has been attempting to build a base since bottoming in August of 2015. This has helped to create a nice uptrend for the stock, which Exxon recently tested in August of 2017. Meanwhile, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is indicating the stock is overbought with a reading over 70. It may mean that a breakout above $88 could lead the stock higher, towards a short-term resistance level at $93, followed by a period of sideways consolidation. (For more, see also: The Future Looks Bright for Exxon Mobil.)

Surging Oil Prices

The oil chart below shows how the commodity has recently broken through resistance around $62, currently trading around $64. The next level of resistance comes approximately at $76, an increase of about 16 to 18%. 

An improving global economy, tight supply, and a weak dollar are what oil needs to get its price rising, and Exxon could surely be a principal beneficiary of such a rise. But still, Exxon will need to deliver and take advantage of the rising prices in oil, and drive revenue and profits higher. 

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