While Facebook Inc.’s (FB) $100 million buyout of anonymous polling app TBH may have gone largely unnoticed, CNBC’s Jim Cramer, the host of "Mad Money," says it’s worth taking a look at as it represents a step in the social media giant’s ongoing battle against photo and video sharing platform Snapchat, owned by Snap Inc. (SNAP). (See also: NYU Prof Sees End to Tech Giants' Dominance.)

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, TechCrunch reported the price tag at around $100 million, below the threshold requiring regulatory approval. The app’s name, which stands for “to be honest” allows users 12 and over to make anonymous polls on a range of topics. Cramer sees the buy as a way for Facebook to capture a mission-critical younger audience to steer toward its Instagram platform, which has been rolling out features strikingly similar to Snapchat’s with its Instagram Stories.

“It’s not well known among the analysts who are too old to use this kind of thing, but this app, as of Wednesday, is topping the ‘148 Free iPhone Apps’ list ahead of Instagram, and more important, ahead of the enemy, Snapchat,” said Cramer.

Worth a Billion in Just a Few Months?

According to a TBH blog post, the app has been downloaded by 5 million people who have sent 1 billion messages on the platform. Cramer calls the acquisition something of a “pincer move” by Facebook to divert younger users away from Snap and to Instagram for a “rounding error” of a price.

“Do I want to buy the stock of Facebook because of this? Let me give you a really odd answer: yes. Yes, because if this rate of adoption continues, then the price tag would have been $1 billion a few months from now, not $100 million, and Snap would have gotten massive publicity about how it intended to blunt anything Facebook does to move younger if Snap had made the purchase first,” said Cramer.

The former hedge fund manager and TV personality says his favorite thing about the FANG stocks—an acronym for Facebook, Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN), Netflix Inc. (NFLX) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)—is that they are always pursuing new initiatives and are “in motion.” He highlights Amazon’s “imminent decision” to go into drug stores, “the multiple price target increase for Netflix after that barn-burner of a quarter,” and Google’s new smartphone to rival Apple Inc. (AAPL). For just $100 million, the TV host calls Facebook’s recent deal “a great use of that gigantic cash hoard” and a “terrific insurance bet” against a key rival. “And isn’t that really what being a part of FANG is all about?” said Cramer. (See also: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook Still a Steal: MKM.)

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