According to a 13F filing for George Soros' hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, the portfolio value decreased from $5.62 billion to $4.2 billion during the third quarter.

At the same time, the fund added 24 positions with 227 total distinct positions at the end of the quarter. Along the way, Soros added Comcast (CMCSA) and increased other holdings.

Of course, a 13F does not provide a full picture of the holdings of Soros Fund Management, but it nonetheless offers some idea into what was shifting over the course of July through September 2017.

New Stakes in Comcast and Campbell Soup

Among the new positions that Soros entered in Q3 of 2017 were two notable entries: Comcast and Campbell Soup (CPB).

Comcast occupies a 1.45% position in Soros' portfolio and was purchased at prices ranging from $37 to $42 per share, according to Seeking Alpha. Campbell Soup is a small stake, occupying just over half a percent of Soros' portfolio.

Disposed of Invesco QQQ

Over the past quarter, Soros sold off shares in many different holdings. One of the biggest moves was a disposal of a large position in Invesco QQQ (QQQ) puts. This was a short position which accounted for nearly one-fifth of the total portfolio, and Soros disposed of the entire stake over the course of the quarter.

Soros also sold off puts in MGM Resorts (MGM), Reynolds American (RAI), and Williams Companies (WMB), but none of those stakes was as significant within his portfolio as QQQ. Soros is known for utilizing ETF puts and calls as a means of hedging other parts of his portfolio, so the sale of the QQQ position may not necessarily indicate as big a shift in investment intent as it might appear.

Increased Stakes in Altaba and Time Warner

Two of the most important increases in Soros' holdings for Q3 were Altaba Inc. (AABA), previously Yahoo.

AABA represents a large position and was established in Q2. As of the end of Q3, it occupies about 4.42% of Soros' holdings. Soros added about 10% to his previous holdings, paying somewhere between $54.50 and $67.50 per share. Now, the stock is trading for nearly $72 per share, meaning Soros has earned a profit if he has decided to hold on to his stake into Q4.

Soros bought into Time Warner (TWX) in Q4 2016 and has increased his holdings periodically since then. Over Q3 2017, he added about 70% more to his stake.

It's important to keep in mind that 13F filings can be as much as three months out of date by the time they make it to the public. The information here is only partially representative of George Soros' holdings, and it is only accurate through the end of Q3. (See also: Buffett Vs. Soros: Investment Strategies.)