Google’s (GOOG) search engine will soon start resembling social network news feeds, forming part of the technology giant’s bid to provide more tailored search results and steal more advertising bucks from competitors Facebook (FB) and Amazon (AMZN).

The Alphabet Inc. unit’s latest app update features a news and entertainment feed, together with information about local events, eateries and weather reports, according to CNBC. This extra data will be presented after users “follow” areas and people of interest, giving Google greater power to understand consumer preferences and tailor search results to match them. (See also: What Google Knows About You.)

Company chiefs believe that the ability to collect additional information from its billions of users will make its search engine more attractive and provide Google with a better platform to demand extra money from advertisers. Eighty-seven percent of the company’s first quarter revenue were generated from selling ads.

The app update, described as a new version of Google Now, immediately drew comparisons with rival services. Under its revamped look, users will be presented with a news feed similar to how Facebook, Apple (AAPL) and Twitter (TWTR) provide content. The search engine will also feature “cards” containing information, including sport scores and news headlines. (See also: Google, Facebook Dominate Digital Ads in 2017.)

Shashidhar Thakur, the company’s engineering vice president, told CNBC the concept represents "an extension of Google search," adding that the goal is "to keep you in the know even when you're not searching.”

Amazon Spark

Google’s new format was unveiled just one day after Amazon launched a similar service aimed at product discovery. Spark, which has been likened to Pinterest and Instagram, gives Prime subscribers access to a vertical feed of user-shared product photos and stories. The feed also features links to the products on Amazon’s website, making it easier for customers to buy referenced goods that interest them.

According to Tech Crunch, users can share, “smile,” or comment on posts, which are generated based on each Prime member’s selected interests. It hasn’t yet been made clear whether Amazon plans to monetize Spark through advertising.

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