The changes overtaking the marijuana industry in the last few years have been dramatic, to say the least. With more parts of the country voting to legalize marijuana in various forms and uses, the industry has rapidly shifted to capitalize on a newly-available legal status. In response, every part of the marijuana industry is undergoing a process of revolution, from the testing and breeding of new cannabis strains to the growing and distribution of the products and more. In keeping with the broader trend of easy, DIY versions of formerly inaccessible products and services, there are now companies aiming to make the process of growing marijuana easy for inexperienced fans at home.

Grobo and Leaf

Grobo is one of the first devices to hit the market with this at-home focus in mind. It is not a giveaway item, as current plans are for the retail price to be set at $1,399. Another similar product, called the Leaf, is in the works and will likely retail for $2,990. Both products function in a similar manner and are designed to reduce the amount of work and worry for the customer as much as possible. They look like small refrigerators and are built to cover most of the necessary maintenance and care of marijuana plants once the initial seeds are planted.

In the case of Leaf, the processes are generally automated to reduce the need for human intervention, the idea being that inexperienced home growers may be more likely to mess up the process than to help it along. Leaf will water, document, monitor, and grow marijuana plants without human intervention of any kind. The owner of the product can monitor the proceedings via an app, and he or she can also opt to take a more involved role if desired. While Leaf has a built-in camera function, Grobo doesn't, although Grobo has a transparent door so customers can simply peek inside to see how things are going.

Remaining Questions of Legality

Although many states have now made marijuana legal, restrictions are still in place in many parts of the country, and the amounts of cannabis and potential uses are regulated differently in different parts of the country. While Leaf and Grobo are legal to purchase throughout the nation on their own, there will no doubt be some remaining legal questions for potential customers. For instance, customers living in areas in which marijuana has not been legalized may wonder if purchasing a Leaf or Grobo product will allow them to grow cannabis legally. At this point, the answer is no, although the tide may be turning as momentum toward nationwide legalization seems to continue to grow.

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