Home Depot (NYSE: HD) plans to hire more than 80,000 seasonal workers for its busy spring season, and has revamped its hiring process to make that happen.

The changes to its online application process have, according to the giant home improvement retailer, made applying for jobs faster by as much as 80%. "We want everyone to have an easy and convenient experience with The Home Depot, whether they're shopping with us or applying for a position," said Human Resources Executive Vice President Tim Crow in a press release.

A path to a full-time job

While these 80,000 positions are seasonal, they could lead to full-time employment for the people who land them. Any time an employee works as a seasonal worker will accrue toward them being eligible for benefits should they shift to a permanent assignment. Hourly associates, as the company calls them, qualify for benefits including profit sharing, tuition assistance, a 401(k), and a discounted stock purchase plan. In addition, all Home Depot employees have access to deals on various things (like cellphones and gym memberships) through the company's associate discount site.

The jobs will be located in the company's nearly 2,000 stores and its 75 distribution facilities. "They include customer service and sales, lot associates, freight and receiving, store support and cashier positions," according to the company. In addition, the team that sets up merchandising displays also has some seasonal openings.

Building up its bench

In a struggling retail world, Home Depot has been a near-constant source of good news. The company has proven resistant to the growing trend where more purchases are being made online. This massive hiring spree should help the company get through its busy season while also setting it up with a solid pool of people ready to step in as the chain needs to add permanent workers.

Being on the hunt for seasonal workers during a period outside of the holiday season when most retailers traditionally add should also give the company an advantage. This is a time of year when many chains are making cuts or not hiring. That should help Home Depot land some solid employees, at least a few of whom should become long-term solid performers.

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