Hotel, casino and cruise line stocks have enjoyed robust performance this year, showing the ongoing strength the travel and leisure industries have maintained in spite of President Donald Trump's travel ban, according to The Wall Street Journal. Shares of these companies have been doing well as customer sentiment and tourism-related spending continue to improve. (For more, see also: 5 Ways To Invest in Travel and Tourism.)

Sharp Gains

Shares of Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN), Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL) and Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (WYN) have all surged so far this year, having returned more than 57%, 34% and 33% year-to-date (YTD) at the time of report, Google Finance figures show. 

The S&P Composite 1500 Hotels Restaurants & Leisure, which contains several stocks from the Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500), has been outperforming the broader index, returning more than 18% YTD compared to the broader index's 9%, according to Google Finance. 

Industry Concerns

While companies in these specific sectors have been enjoying strong performance, the Trump administration only began enforcing its partial ban on travel in the last few weeks, according to The New York Times. 

"We are watching it like a hawk," Arne Sorensen, CEO of Marriott International Inc. (MAR), stated during a March meeting with analysts when asked about matters including nationalist sentiment and how the travel ban could affect the travel industry, according to The Journal. "To state the obvious, the language around these issues and the sentiment around these issues is not a positive thing." (For more, see also: How Trump's Travel Ban Could Cost U.S. $18 Billion.)

In spite of these concerns, Marriott's shares have also been doing well this year, having risen 22% YTD at the time of report, Google Finance figures show. 

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