One of the earliest proponents of bitcoin has also been one of its most complicated. Roger Ver has had a major impact on the digital currency industry, both for the various companies and projects with which he's been involved and also for his outspoken support of cryptocurrencies like BTC. He's even earned the nickname "Bitcoin Jesus" because of his evangelizing on behalf of the world's leading digital currency.

While it's impossible to say for sure, it may be that bitcoin would not have grown to the level of popularity it has achieved today if not for Ver's efforts over the years. In the more recent past, however, Ver has been particularly vocal about bitcoin cash, the result of a hard fork with the original leading digital currency.

With any digital currency, branding is key. A cryptocurrency may have the strongest underlying network and technology, but without the proper presentation to the public, it could be destined for failure. Ver's experience in the cryptocurrency world has provided him with many examples of successful marketing in this way, and he recognizes that bitcoin cash has a lot to gain by linking itself with bitcoin in various ways. He has helped to promulgate the idea that bitcoin cash is related to (or, perhaps, even the true version of) the bitcoin core project. This not only lends legitimacy to bitcoin cash, but it also calls into question the predominant status of bitcoin at the same time.

Use of Leverage

In his efforts to promote bitcoin cash, Ver has not shied away from making use of his prominent place within the digital currency community. The CEO of revealed via YouTube how he brokers partnerships for the bitcoin cash forked currency. When fellow cryptocurrency personality Erik Voorhees made a public statement refusing to acknowledge bitcoin cash as the original bitcoin project, Ver took to YouTube to record himself discussing why he disagrees, according to CryptoGlobe. Ver has not been afraid to utilize the influence he has gained as a result of his outspoken nature—as well as the investments that he's made in digital currencies and related companies—to make a public stand in support of bitcoin cash. With his advocacy, bitcoin cash stands poised to continue growing at a massive rate.

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