There’s finally some good news for the 143 million U.S. consumers affected by Equifax’s security failure. An artificial intelligence chatbot​ called DoNotPay, which launched nationwide in July, is now providing free legal advice to help victims of the data breach sue the consumer credit reporting agency without needing to hire an expensive lawyer.

DoNotPay helps users take care of certain legal issues such as parking ticket disputes and filing for maternity leave. With a recent update to the chatbot, consumers can sue Equifax automatically for up to $25,000, depending on which state they live in.

Hoping to Bankrupt Equifax

“It is particularly exciting that a lawyer is never needed in the process. The class action lawsuit against the company will only give successful consumers around $500 (with the rest going to greedy lawyers in commissions),” Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, and part of the 44% of Americans affected by the hack, told VentureBeat. “I hope that my product will replace those lawyers, and, with enough success, bankrupt Equifax.”

While the idea sounds like a relief to many, some aren’t convinced that a chatbot can successfully win millions of lawsuits, as Browder suggests. “I am not inclined to think it would be a panacea. Filing and winning a small claims case takes more than just filing a form,” said attorney Scott Nelson of Public Citizen, a advocacy organization. For example, in California, an individual is required to demand payment from the company or explain why they haven’t done so prior to filing any forms.

Still, the ability to simply provide your name and address in turn for eight pages of lawsuit documentation in PDF form should save time and effort and surely increase the number of lawsuits flowing through Equifax’s doors. (See also: Was I Hacked? Find Out If the Equifax Breach Affects You.)

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