Aruba Networks Inc., a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE) company, is a networking vendor that sells enterprise wireless LAN and edge-access networking equipment.

In 2015, HPE acquired Aruba Networks, combining HP’s wired switching line with Aruba’s WLAN and mobility products, “creating a strong access solution,” reports Gartner. In a 2015 report, the research firm ranked Aruba as first in all wireless LAN access categories, with the help of HP’s Ethernet switching line, taking second in wired only.

Bringing a Mobile-First Approach to Patients

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based firm announced it would deploy its gigabit wireless network with ClearPass in Medical Center Health (MCH) Odessa, a 400-bed regional medical center serving Odessa, Texas, and the surrounding 17 counties. The healthcare provider will replace its previous Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) network, using Aruba’s tech with ClearPass security to bring “a mobile-first approach to over 100,000 patients annually.”

Aruba says its gigabit wireless network and ClearPass security will bring greater efficiency to staff and physicians, improve patient outcomes and prepare for the provider’s Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. The over-65-year-old MCH Odessa has expanded to a family of healthcare providers ranging from a regional hospital, a healthcare system with outpatient services and integrated physical services, along with eight clinics.

Aruba to Improve Patient Care and Productivity

Along with enhancing patient experience and the productivity and flexibility of clinicians and staff, the healthcare provider was looking for a wireless network to support a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system and virtual desktop environment. Working with tech partner CJ Communication, MCH Odessa ran a proof of concept and chose Aruba solutions. Its director of IT operations at MCH Odessa says Aruba will help the provider “future proof” for additional mobile and IoT devices coming onto their network, along with providing a lower cost of ownership.

The Aruba-MCH Odessa deal reflects the expansion of the digital revolution across industries, notably healthcare, an industry seeking greater efficiency due to tightening budgets and market uncertainty. The role of ClearPass also indicates the growing importance of security solutions in an IoT future, while the win of Cisco’s client by market peer HPE demonstrates the heightened competition in an evolving tech ecosystem. (See also: Cerner: IT Improves Healthcare, Cuts Costs .)


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