Every company hates to see star executives leave after shelling out resources on intensive recruitment, years of expensive training, and investment in star employees. Yet a new survey by CEB Research indicates that almost 50% of executives last fewer than 18 months after a job hop or promotion.

To combat this burnout trend, consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has created a new intensive program, launched Monday, that offers a package for overworked employees. For $100,000 a head, the program includes a personal physiologist, dietitian, executive coach, and myriad other special and personalized services.

A Corporate-Culture Shift

J&J has spent the past year testing its new Premier Executive Leadership program on its own executives with the goal of keeping them in top physical, mental and emotional shape. “Leaders aren’t a set of skills and tools. They’re a human being,” said the head of J&J’s Human Performance Institute, responsible for developing the program. “Many of these leaders arrive in these roles without being equipped with how to stay healthy and resilient.” Now the New Brunswick, N.J.-based multinational firm will market the program to other Fortune 100 companies.

J&J’s new anti-burnout offering will also allow the firm to tap into the estimated $1 billion high-growth executive coaching industry. As corporate cultures are disrupted by a new incoming executive class of Millennials, startups and traditional multinational companies have recognized that their new employees seek to merge their professional and personal lives more than their predecessors.

In order to retain top talent, firms have been forced to invest small fortunes in their top employees. According to Bloomberg, the burned-out CEO makes 373 times as much as his or her similarly burned out employees and costs an average of $1.8 billion in shareholder value to replace after a sudden departure. (See also: Johnson & Johnson Wins Talcum Powder Lawsuit.)

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