Los Angeles might just become boring. In a first official utterance regarding Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk's ambitious plan to dig tunnels for public transit, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti indicated that he was interested in the technology during a television interview.

"Like many other cities have, I'd love to see maybe even with the new tunneling technology that people like Elon Musk is looking at, whether we could have a quick and direct route from LAX (Los Angeles Airport) to Union Station," said Mayor Garcetti. Musk tweeted out that segment of the interview, adding that gaining official permits was more difficult compared with actually developing the technology for such a system. 

The Tesla CEO, who also runs a space exploration firm, launched the Boring Company earlier this year to use tunnels for faster and more efficient public transit. In the past couple of months, he has provided additional details about his newest venture. (See also: Musk Reveals Details of His Boring Plan.)

In its simplest form, the system consists of an electric car skate, which will transfer vehicles to an underground tunnel network built at different levels. The idea is to develop a three-dimensional transportation system – one that incorporates height in addition to length and breadth in its design. (See also: Three Highlights From Elon Musk's TED Talk.)

According to Musk, the time frame for tunnel digging, which is generally an expensive and time-consuming task, can be shortened by reducing the diameter of the hole being drilled and designing new machines that dig tunnels and reinforce concrete at the same time. In an interview with tech publication Recode, Musk said that there was no limit to the number of levels that a tunnel network could have, and it could be deeper than the tallest building. He is bankrolling the venture from his personal fortune. (See also: Elon Musk Biography.)

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