Mark Zuckerberg wants to remind everyone he's just like them. The guy who founded Facebook as a sophomore in college finds that grilling meats and racing cars are two of the "most fun things you can do."

Zuckerberg hosted a live video on his Facebook account last night and interacted with fans all over the world using the chat feature. The super-average guy was smoking some meats ahead of the presidential debate watch party at his home in Palo Alto, California. He gave shout-outs and answered questions like "ranch or blue cheese" (he prefers blue cheese). More than 100,000 people were online watching the video live at one point and it's been shared more than 400,000 times. (Facebook donated a million to each of the major party conventions this cycle. If you missed the debate, see our recap here.)

If you believe company CEOs tend to make calculated moves to promote their firm, the video seemed like Zuckerberg's effort to highlight how fun it is to use Facebook Live in everyday circumstances and for no particular reason at all. 

Facebook Live is often used by prominent figures. Before the debate, Donald Trump used the platform to introduce three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. However, Zuckerberg insists a lot of people are using the feature in a more casual context and the company is getting good feedback on it. (See also, Facebook Pays Media, Celebs to Create Live Content )

"I'm pretty convinced that video is going to be a lot more of the content you see on Facebook and the internet in future years, but it's not just going to be the kind of videos you've seen on the Internet in the past. A lot of it will be more interactive like this where we're actually just hanging out together and you're commenting and that's changing what I ..and you know, I can talk to you and we can hang out, rather than just I produce some content and you watch it," he said.

In case you were hungry for more Mark Zuckerberg trivia : Mark uses an AT&T data plan, hunts in his spare time, drives a manual transmission Volkswagen GTI, really mixes it up during the weekend with different color t-shirts, and smokes his brisket in a smoker built by Horizon Smokers called The General.