McAfee to Run for President on Pro-Crypto Platform

John McAfee seems to turn heads no matter what he does. The pioneering developer of antivirus computer software is now an outspoken proponent of cryptocurrencies, but he's also made headlines for arrests related to alleged driving under the influence and has even seen his name linked with a murder investigation. Now, McAfee has garnered newfound attention for launching a run for U.S. president in 2020.

McAfee announced his candidacy on Sunday, according to CNET, and he has been explicit in linking his bid for president to the cryptocurrency world. He indicated that he believes that "this will best serve the crypto community by providing the ultimate campaign platform." In a tweet announcing the candidacy, McAfee explained that he has "decided to again run for POTUS in 2020. If asked again by the Libertarian party, I will run with them. If not, I will create my own party."

Pro-Cryptocurrency Platform

As McAfee's tweet suggests, this is not the first time that he has announced his intention to run for president. He ran during the 2016 election cycle on the Libertarian ticket, losing the party's nomination to Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico.

McAfee followed up his candidacy announcement with a rather candid appraisal of his chances of winning in 2020, tweeting that followers should not "think that I have a chance of winning. I do not. But what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one." McAfee believes that if his "following is sufficient," he gets to "stand the world's largest stage and talk to ... everyone, as I did last time, to tell the truth."

McAfee to Launch New Digital Currency

The timing of McAfee's announcement aligns with news in late May that he would launch a physical cryptocurrency. The "McAfee Redemption Unit" is slated to be printed on paper but "linked to the blockchain, redeemable, convertible, collectible." At the same time, the presidential bid may also help McAfee's personal brand. He has indicated previously that he charges more than $100,000 per tweet to promote digital currencies and initial coin offerings. Should McAfee's bid become successful, it is unclear what his positions on other policies would be at this stage.

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