The German-American tech billionaire, libertarian activist and advisor to President Donald Trump Peter Thiel is also a citizen of New Zealand, according to a news report published by the New Zealand Herald newspaper. The report quoted a spokeswoman for New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office saying that Thiel has “New Zealand citizenship.” Having said that, there is no clear indication of when he may have acquired his kiwi nationality.

Thiel, who is valued by Forbes magazine at $2.7 billion has made significant investment in New Zealand. In 2009, he set up a private equity firm called Valar Ventures in New Zealand. Speaking to Business Insider at that time, Thiel said, “New Zealand is already utopia. But Silicon Valley and New Zealand can learn a lot from each other, and we want to help make that happen.” The BI report also revealed that the name for the venture came from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe of which Thiel is a big fan.

As someone who has made his riches investing in technology, whether as founder of PayPal or an outside investor in Facebook (FB), Thiel surely has capital to spend and New Zealand has been one of the beneficiaries. In 2012, Thiel’s Valar Ventures and the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund announced a $32 million New Zealand-based venture fund focusing on early stage technology companies. Valar Ventures reported over $52 million in gross asset value to the SEC as of December 6, 2016 and the company website shows 13 investments all over the globe, including a very popular online accounting software firm in New Zealand called Xero.

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The report that disclosed Thiel’s new nationality status also revealed his new acquisition, a 477-acre estate in Glendhu Bay in the southwest part of the country. The property was bought by Second Star Limited according to the report, a company whose regulatory filings reveal Thiel as the sole owner. Other news reports suggest that this is not his first real estate investment in the country. Thiel had reportedly invested close to $4.7 million in a home in a home in Queenstown Hill in 2011.

This news report has since gone viral, attracting speculation that Thiel is keeping his options open in case of any domestic political upheavals. Thiel contributed more than a million dollars to super PACS that supported the Trump campaign and continues to be serve the Trump team in an advisory role. The laws in New Zealand and United States both permit dual nationality.

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