Ray Dalio Releases "Principles for Success" as an Animated Series

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the best performing hedge funds in history, has been devoting the last several years to his philanthropic efforts and to sharing the knowledge he has accumulated through 50 years of investing. His best-selling book, Principles, revealed the management and investing principles he learned and evangelized at Bridgewater as he grew it into a $160 billion hedge fund. Dalio has been ubiquitous this past year promoting the book, sharing his life-lessons, giving TED talks, appearing at the World Economic Forum, popping up on business news TV programs, and even stopping by our offices for a visit. 

I sat down with Ray to discuss how he composed his infamous "All-Weather Portfolio," the importance of diversification, and even his role in helping bring the McDonald's chicken nugget to market, among other topics.

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