Facebook Inc. (FB), Snap Inc.’s (SNAP) Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram may be in a dead heat among high school and college students when it comes to which social networks they frequent, but when it comes to how often they use the social media networks, Snapchat is the leader.

That’s according to research from SCG, the advertising and public relations firm which last week polled 333 college and high school students to gauge their usage preferences among the three leading social networks. Based on the online survey, SCG found 95% said they use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat but 88% said they use Instagram and Snapchat most often. That compares to 81% of survey respondents who use Facebook often. Twitter (TWTR) came in much lower at 67% in terms of using the social network with less than 50% of those surveyed saying they use it often.  (See also: Facebook Vs. Snapchat.)

In terms of daily usage of the three leading social networks, SCG found 78% of survey respondents said they use Snapchat every day while 76% use Instagram daily and 66% log on to Facebook each day. Even more positive for Snapchat: Some 71% of survey respondents said they use Snapchat more than six times a day while 51% said they use it more than 11 times each day. Respondents said that they use Snapchat mainly to keep in touch with friends, with 89.5% citing that. Sharing and creating videos, images and stories is the main reason 56.8% use the disappearing messaging app. More than 49% said they go to Snapchat each day to maintain a so-called Snapchat streak. “More than half of Snapchat users say they would feel disconnected from friends if not for Snapchat, which speaks volumes about the relationship students have with the platform and their peer networks,” Michael Cherenson, SCG’s executive vice president for public relations in a blog post highlighting the results of its survey.  “Almost 25% indicated Snapchat is essential to their relationships.”

While Snapchat is reportedly the preferred social network in terms of usage for young millennials, it’s also gaining in popularity with the older folks. Earlier Monday Jefferies & Co. analyst Brian Fitzgerald said in a note to clients that based on a proprietary survey conducted by the Wall Street firm, he was surprised to see Snapchat’s engagement is growing among older people.  "We found that usage has increased across the platform, but the most improvement has been seen in users aged 25+," the analyst wrote. Jefferies found that 44% of those ages 34 to 44 use Snapchat more now than in the past while 41% of users between 25-34 use Snapchat more often than shown in the firm's first survey in June. Jefferies polled 1,000 Internet users in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 45 who use both Snapchat and Facebook platforms.