Shares of Silicon Valley social media behemoth Facebook Inc. (FB) continue to climb this week as its founder and chief executive officer (CEO) has been seen as winning in his Congressional hearings following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company at center stage, one analyst expects the stock to maintain its turnaround, citing strong fundamentals positioned to drive long-term revenue. 

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Big Tech Success Will Continue

Last month, news emerged regarding a massive data breach involving political analysis firm Cambridge Analytica, which allegedly used information on 87 million Facebook users without their consent. Concerns in the following weeks regarding heightened government regulation and a potential user backlash shaved about $100 billion in market capitalization from the high-flying tech titan. 

Carol Pepper, the CEO of NYC-based Pepper International, made the bullish case for Facebook in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday, doubting that Facebook and its big tech peer Inc. (AMZN) will fall from their dominant position during the next couple of decades. 

Regarding the pressure from regulators and an investigation into Facebook's mismanagement of user data and privacy, Pepper suggested, "I think (Zuckerberg) will be very deft in handling it... The dip is a buying opportunity as far as I'm concerned, and it is a good long-term hold."

Pepper, named one of the top 50 most-influential women in private wealth by Private Asset Management, dubbed the social networking pioneer a "revenue juggernaut." Between 2013 and 2017, the company grew its revenues over five-fold from $7.87 billion to $40.7 billion.

"Over 10 and 20 years, Amazon, Facebook, these kinds of stocks are going to continue to do extremely well," said the wealth management executive, who advises clients with over $100 million in assets. 

"Put those technology ETFs or stocks in your children's college accounts and your retirement accounts and go to sleep," said Pepper. "Because, yes there will be volatility, but if you look at the rate of change and the direction over the last five, 10 years, it's up. This is where all the profit is migrating to."

Shares of FB have returned nearly 500% to shareholders in the past five years, while AMZN has skyrocketed about 430% over the same period. 

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