Three weeks ago, Investopedia launched its Financial Fitness Tour, a road trip making stops in great American cities such as Kansas CIty, Nashville and Chicago. The tour, in partnership with American Century Investments, was conceived as a way to promote financial literacy but also to conduct on-the-ground, qualitative research about people's greatest financial concerns. Thousands of miles later, what has become clear is that one of the biggest challenges investors see ahead is not getting started saving for retirement, but how to have the stamina to fund a 20 to 30 year or longer retirement. This concern rang clear at the tour's final stop in Columbus, OH last weekend, where thousands had gathered for the All American Quarter Horse Congress, the largest single-breed horse show in the country. "I'm a horse trainer, so I need to know what do I do after I open my Roth IRA," said one participant as he prepared for the Hunter Under Saddle competition. 

We all know that people are living longer than ever, which is a blessing for their families and something of an evolutionary miracle. Mortality rates for both men and women have dropped precipitously since 1900, with an average life expectancy going from 47 years to 78 years, according to the CDC. But increased longevity also means that our savings have to grow more and last for far longer than our forebears.

This fundamental demographic change has upended financial planning in many ways. For example, many advisors now recommend that investors stay in stocks well past their retirement age, instead of the old conventional wisdom of moving a portfolio out of equities in later life. Our greater longevity might also require more aggressive investing earlier on in life to allow compounding to work its magic for as long as possible.

With a higher exposure to equities, and a longer timeline for your money, knowing how to navigate volatility and not succumbing to market timing is also more important than ever. This financial quiz, developed by American Century, will test your understanding of markets to see if you have what it takes for the long haul. (Taking the quiz will also enter you to win an Apple watch or a $5000 travel voucher.)

As it turns out, financial fitness isn't a sprint—it's a marathon. 


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