Woburn, Mass.-based semiconductor makerSkyworks Solutions Inc. (SWKS) announced today a new partnership with Libre Wireless Technologies, a leading embedded Wi-Fi and wireless technology provider.

The high-performance analog semiconductor business will work with the wireless tech company, headquartered in Irvine, Calif. in order to deliver “the most advanced products for wireless audio and smart home applications.” (See also: How Skyworks Transitioned in 2016.)

Feeling Out the Cutting Edge

The two firms will integrate Skyworks’ advanced analog capabilities with Libre’s expertise in augmented reality and virtual reality platforms to create cutting-edge solutions to connect home applications such as wireless audio, smart voices services and assistant apps. Multiple solutions from Skyworks will enable Libre’s media modules used in the smart devices, which will include an advanced multiroom system, an optimized Wi-FI/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy design and LibreSync software platform to help simplify the design process and reduce development time.

In a press release, Skyworks boasted the integrative solution as providing “one of the most sophisticated solutions for audio, smart voice, and smart home applications available today and currently shipping to top tier companies worldwide.” The new partnership falls in line with Skyworks larger initiative to expand its product portfolio beyond large customers, primarily smartphone providers such as Apple Inc. (AAPL). While Skyworks  has seen its stock fluctuate in relation to iPhone strength, management remains optimistic regarding its capability to “capitalize on the strength of both Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.”

"Libre Wireless is excited to be collaborating with Skyworks for audio streaming, smart voice, and Internet of Things applications," said Hooman Kashef, CEO of Libre Wireless. "By utilizing Skyworks' devices, we can offer one of the broadest and most advanced product portfolios to deliver the lowest power, smallest size and highest performance solutions that address the growing needs of the wireless audio and connected home market." (See also: Skyworks’ Q4 Earnings Beats Expectations.)