Fourth-place wireless carrier Sprint Corporation (S) and internet provider OneWeb may have already planned to create a combined 8,000 jobs in the U.S., but Sprint’s parent and OneWeb investor Softbank is happy to give President-elect Donald Trump all the credit. The presumed reason: He hopes to curry favor for a merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS).

On Wednesday, Sprint announced a commitment to create or bring back 5,000 jobs in the U.S. next year, saying in a press release it is looking forward to working with President-elect Trump “to do our part to drive economic growth and create jobs in the U.S.” OneWeb, which got a $1 billion investment from Softbank earlier this month, also announced its pledge to create U.S.-based jobs.

Trump took credit for the job moves, but reports quickly surfaced that the job additions from Sprint and OneWeb were part of an earlier pledge by Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son to create 50,000 jobs in the U.S. and invest $50 billion. Trump took credit for that as well, even though the $50 billion investment is coming from the $100 billion technology fund Softbank created in October with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund. (See also: Softbank's $50B Fund Fuels Speculation.)

Pushing for T-Mobile Deal

While no businessman would want to step on the toes of an incoming U.S. president, TechCrunch is speculating that recent events may have more to do with Son wanting an easier time merging Sprint with T-Mobile after seeing regulators spurn his previous attempts. Son recently told reporters in the lobby of New York’s Trump Tower, where he posed for photos with the president-elect, that he sees a lot of “deregulation” with a Trump Administration.

Ever since Trump won the election, speculation has swirled that Sprint and T-Mobile merger would be more likely since Trump is expected to undo a lot of telecom regulation put in place under Obama. In addition to net neutrality potentially going away, many expect a friendlier M&A environment under Trump.

Although it makes sense for Softbank to let Trump take the credit for jobs creation to push a deal through, it’s not clear if T-Mobile would want to merge with Sprint. For one thing, T-Mobile is in a much stronger place now than when Son last tried to pull off a merger. Also: Sprint is sitting on a lot of debt that may not make a deal as attractive. (See also: Sprint & T-Mobile Merger? Don't Get Too Giddy.)

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