Microsoft (MSFT) may have been the first one out of the gate during this year’s E3 gaming conference with the launch of the ultra-powerful Xbox One X console, but Sony Corp. (SNE) stole the show with a bevy of new game announcements aimed at bolstering the PlayStation platform.

While in years past the confab has been all about hardware for Sony, this time around it announced a bunch of new titles that are sure to boost demand at the same time that Microsoft lacked the pizzazz on the game title front.  "We have an even more diverse range of blockbuster games coming soon," Shawn Layden, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s head said during a keynote according to media reports. "PlayStation is home to all the biggest and best franchises in the world." After that the Japanese entertainment company rolled out an hour of game trailers, among them one for a Spider-Man game made exclusively for the PS4. (See more: Microsoft Unveils World's Most Powerful Gaming Console)

The company also used its time at E3 to tease something that was conspicuously absent from Microsoft’s newest game console – virtual reality. With VR becoming all the rage among gaming and technology companies, Sony is gearing up to capitalize on it. The entertainment company showed off a role-playing VR game dubbed “Skyrim” and a virtual reality fishing simulator game called “Final Fantasy: Monster of The Deep.” According to a report from the BBC, Sony said last week that it has sold one million PS VR headsets to date. (See more: Sony Exceeds Its Playstation VR Sales Expectations)

In addition to lacking a lot of game title announcements, which drives demand for the hardware, Microsoft failed to discuss virtual reality in a big way during E3, which left some scratching their heads given that at last year’s event it left viewers thinking the next iteration of the Xbox One would be able to connect to a virtual reality headset. Rumors swirled at the time that the Redmond, Washington software giant was working with Facebook-owned Oculus, but nothing came of it. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Xbox marketing chief Mike Nichols said VR works better for PCs than gaming hardware, noting it is more focused on augmented reality that meshes reality with digital imagery. “The opportunity on PC is larger, because the install base is larger and we think the customer experience will be better on PC,” he told the paper.

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