The prospect of a trade war in China isn’t weighing on the nation’s largest technology stocks. A group of the five biggest is poised to have a combined market valuation of more than $4 trillion.

With tech stocks surging and Facebook Inc. (FB) setting a new all-time high this week, the likes of it, Apple Inc. (AAPL), Amazon Inc. (AMZN), Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT ) could surpass the combined market capitalization of $3.95 trillion they had at the end of trading on Wednesday. According to, the tech-heavy hitters combined valuation would be larger than all but one of the stock markets around the globe and slightly less than the top ten nations with the most wealth. As it stands their combined valuation is larger than the Nikkei 225, the Japanese index and the UK’s FTSE 100, noted

Netflix Pushes FAANG Over The Top

Add Netflix Inc. (NFLX ) to the mix and the group’s combined valuation is only lower than China’s Shanghai Composite value and if it was an economy it would be a few billion dollars shy of surpassing Italy as the tenth largest economy in the world, noted.  "FANG -- Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet -- is 100% about growth without worries about tariffs and trade," TheStreet's founder, Jim Cramer, said in the report. "We just learned today that Facebook's Instagram is close to a billion users. Facebook is about to start monetizing Messenger. And the company is testing paid for subscription groups. That's all in one day! All about growth and no trade war can stem any of these." (See more: Wall Street Loves FB Despite Lack of Public Trust.)

Trade War A Non-Issue For Tech Companies

Heading into the week concerns about a trade war with China was center stage. With President Donald Trump slapping China with billions of dollars of tariffs, concerns about an ensuing trade war have increased. (See more: 3 Sectors to Sell Short in a Trade War.)  But even as the two countries ratcheted up their tough talk, tech stocks have held up. On Wednesday Facebook’s stock surpassed $200 for the first time as investors shrugged off China, its mid-March data scandal with Cambridge Analytica and focused on growth drivers including Instagram and WhatsApp. Investors are betting those two platforms will drive revenue from advertisers even higher. Even Apple, which is seen as the tech company with the biggest risk from a China trade war ended Wednesday’s regular trading session higher. This week Neil Campling, co-head of the global thematic group at Mirabaud Securities warned in a research report covered by CNBC that Apple has the most to worry about from trade tensions with China. After all close to 20% of its revenue came from Greater China in the most recent fiscal year while it shipped more than 41 million iPhones to the country.