Tesla Inc. (TSLA) plans to release a major “overhaul” of its map and navigation systems in early 2018, the company’s CEO said on Twitter.

Elon Musk said in a tweet on Thursday that the electric car maker will soon launch some “cool” software updates. He then revealed that one of them will be a map and navigation update "light-years ahead of [the] current system” after one user complained that Tesla’s current navigation device has barely been updated for three years, despite roads in his native Netherlands changing considerably.

Musk added that the “major navigation overhaul” won’t be released until rigorous tests are completed. He expects it to be ready for launch by early 2018.

Electrek reported that Tesla has been updating its entire map engine since this summer, amid complaints from some owners that the current system occasionally offers weird routing suggestions. The electric transportation website’s source, verygreen, believes that the new system will feature the company’s own detailed maps.

These maps are being worked on using open source modules from MapBox, a custom designed mapping specialist, and Valhalla, a routing engine for navigation. Electrek added that the new maps could also include a zoom function.

Musk’s social media post about new updates came after a Consumer Reports survey named Tesla as the top car brand in "owner satisfaction." In his initial tweet, the company’s CEO said he was "glad to see that Tesla owners are having a good experience.” (See also: Reports of 'Hundreds' of Cars at Delivery Centers Calm Tesla Production Fears.)

The satisfaction rankings, published on Thursday, focus on general owner satisfaction, rather than build quality or reliability. Tesla’s Model S sedan topped the list of cars whose buyers are satisfied with their purchase after three years of driving. The Model X finished eighth.

The report praised the Model S for covering 235 miles on a single charge and described its driving performance as “exceptional”. Volkswagen AG.’s (VLKAF) sports car, the Porsche 911, came in second place, followed by General Motors Co.’s (GM) Chevrolet Corvette. (See also: Tesla Could Jump 70% on Model 3 Success: Analysts.)

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