Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) has unveiled a new set of exclusive solar panels manufactured by Panasonic that are intended to transform the way the company caters to the needs of those looking to harness solar energy. (See also, Will Tesla Make a Profit in 2017?)

The company updated its website over the weekend, as first noted by Electrek. One of the most anticipated products of 2017 eagerly awaited by the market as well as Tesla investors, the price details of the 325-watt panels are not yet disclosed, though the company has started taking requests for quotes through the website.

‘Sleek and Low-profile’ Panels

The images available on the Tesla website’s Energy section offer a glimpse of the new-age differentiated solar products. Using Zep Solar’s system that allows for seamless integration with the existing roof and no visible mounting accessories or hardware, the new solar panels and their setup look a class apart.

Zep Solar is a mounting equipment company founded in 2009 and acquired by SolarCity in 2013, prior to that company's acquisition by Tesla. The panels are touted to have a lower cost of installation and quicker deployment time.

While full specifications and details of the new solar panels and the mounting system are not available, Tesla has mentioned to Electrek that the panels “exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan”. (See also, Will Tesla's Solar Roofs Find a Market?)

Panasonic-Tesla Joint Involvement

Last month, Tesla announced Panasonic’s involvement in the manufacturing process at its Gigafactory 2 facility in Buffalo, N.Y.. As per the agreement between the two companies, Tesla will supervise the operations at the facility and will manufacture solar roof tiles there. With necessary support from the Tesla team, Panasonic will be responsible for manufacturing solar cells at the factory, which will include cells for the solar roof tiles that will be a hybrid of the Panasonic and Silevo architecture. Panasonic will also manufacture solar panels in Buffalo. Panasonic manufactured products will be for Tesla’s exclusive use and will not be available to other parties.

As of today, SolarCity, which was acquired by Tesla in November last year, is using solar panels from different manufacturers for both commercial and residential use. With Panasonic panels manufacturing expected to start this summer, these exclusive panels will be used for all new residential projects going forward.

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