At its event in a Hollywood backlot yesterday, Tesla Motors Corp. (TSLA) showed off a solar roof with glass tiles, a new version of its Powerwall battery pack for homes as well as one for businesses. The event was timed at sunset to demonstrate capabilities for the company’s products. During his presentation, Musk alternated between a screen placed behind him and two homes (that supposedly were used as sets for popular TV Show Desperate Housewives) that were installed with Tesla products.

The star of Musk’s presentation was Tesla’s solar roof. Unlike most solar panels in the market (which are made of photovoltaic steels that are installed over traditional roofs), Tesla’s solar roofs are made of quartz glass. This means that there is no need for a roof, if you are using Tesla’s product. In addition to being esthetically pleasing and remarkably like standard roofing tiles in appearance, Tesla’s tiles are also durable.

During his presentation, Musk showed a video that showed the effect of a heavy object dropping onto standard slate and asphalt tiles placed alongside Tesla’s glass tiles. The other tiles broke into two from the force while the Tesla glass tile merely registered a dent. The tiles are also expected to “last indefinitely” and can weather extreme weather conditions, such as snow and ice.

Tesla will start producing the tiles next summer. Initially, the tiles will be available only in one or two options as opposed to the four options detailed by Musk today. Tesla did not reveal pricing for the tiles only saying that the they would cost less than a standard roof “plus electricity.”

Tesla also showed the next version of Powerwall, its battery pack for homes, at the event. Powerwall 2.0 stores two 14KwH batteries in each pack and costs $5500. Its previous version, which was unveiled last year, cost $3500 for two 10KwH batteries. The battery pack works in conjunction with the solar panel and, according to Musk, can help you last “indefinitely” away from the grid. (See also: The Economics Of Tesla's Home Batteries).

The presentation today was made to press the case for a merger between Tesla and embattled Musk company SolarCity Corporation (SCTY). However, beyond the statement about Powerwall 2.0 and the solar roof helping you stay off the grid, Musk did not offer much by way of explanation for the synergy. According to a report in tech publication Engadget, Musk said launch of the new tiles would be difficult “if the merger doesn’t go through.” (See also: Tesla Shareholders Vote On SolarCity Merger On Nov. 17th).

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