The idea of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. (TSLA) merging together is a "tantalizing idea," according to one TSLA bull. 

"I think that it will absolutely happen, it is just a question of when," said Nomura Instinet analyst Romit Shah in an interview with Bloomberg this week. "When you look at the two businesses there is a tremendous amount of overlap, not just with the same CEO but several board members." (See also: Tesla Sales to Beat $60B Within Decade: Nomura.)

The Nomura analyst went on to outline there the large amount of technology overlap at Elon Musk's two companies. Shah highlighted that both tech companies are committed to seeing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning develop in order to incorporate the technologies into their respective businesses.

Aerospace Could 'Dramatically Improve' Revenues

SpaceX is actually a great business," said Shah, indicating that "looking down into the future," say by 2025, the aerospace business could "dramatically improve Tesla's revenues and operating profits."

Bloomberg noted that its rare for public companies, such as Inc. (AMZN) to have CEOs that investors consistently give the benefit of the doubt to go out and do what they need to do to grow their business. While acknowledging this challenge, indicating that SpaceX may need to stay out of the public eye to get to where they want to get to in the short term, Shah is bullish that the company will do so quickly. 

He suggested that SpaceX's objective is to deliver one launch per week by 2019, and that they are well on that track. "They have great momentum, not to say that their wont be challenges," said the analyst. In November, Shah wrote a research note forecasting the Silicon Valley automaker to hit $60 billion in sales by early in the next decade. (See also: Tesla Bear Turns Optimistic on Model 3 Production.)