Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom (AVGO) over many years can trace its roots to AT&T/Bell Labs, Lucent and Hewlett-Packard/Agilent. Now its a force to reckon with in the chip business, commanding a market cap exceeding $116 billion.

In what could've been the largest deal ever for the technology sector, Broadcom offered to acquire fellow chipmaker, Qualcomm (QCOM) in a $130 billion deal, offering $105 billion for the company and including over $25 billion in debt. Qualcomm's board of directors rejected the offer, forcing Broadcom to sweeten its offer to $121 billion, in addition to taking on the latter's debt. This attempted merger was ultimately shut down by President Trump, who cited national security concerns. 

While the vast majority of Broadcom's stock is owned by institutions and mutual funds, insiders still hold a significant portion. Here are the top 4 individual Broadcom shareholders.

Henry Samueli 

Henry Samueli is Broadcom's largest shareholder, with 195,067 shares held directly (or 0.05% of shares outstanding). Samueli is the co-founder and current Chief Technical Officer of Broadcom. Samueli co-founded Broadcom with Henry Nicholas III in 1992 and is the current owner of the Anaheim Ducks hockey franchise.

Samueli was briefly prepped for jail time when he pleaded guilty for lying to the SEC in 2008, but a judge threw out his guilty plea around a year later after Samueli testified in a related trial. Samueli is notable for his philanthropy through his Samueli Foundation, which focuses mostly on Jewish community organizations.

Hock E. Tan 

The President and CEO of Broadcom, Hock E. Tan is the second largest Broadcom shareholder with 109,834 shares (or 0.03% shares outstanding). Hock E. Tan received a warm welcome in the White House by Donald Trump in November 2017, where he announced that Broadcom would be moving their headquarters back from Singapore to the United States.Tan recently made headlines for donating $20 million to MIT for autism research. 

Bryan Ingram

Senior VP and General Manager of Broadcom's wireless semiconductor division. Ingram is the third largest holder in Braoadcom stock, with 80,695 shares to his name (or 0.02% of shares outstanding). Ingram is a veteran of the semiconductor industry, working at Hewlett Packard in their semiconductor division in 1990. Today, Ingram manages production on chips that go into many premier smatphones, including iPhones, Android devices, and Smart TVs. 

Kenneth Y. Hao

Kenneth Y. Hao is an independent director at Broadcom. He is currently a managing partner and Managing Director of Silver Lake, where he has worked since 2000. Hao is the fourth largest Broadcom shareholder, with 65,428 shares, worth an estimated $16.6 million 

Institutional and Mutual Funds 

The main intuitional investor in Broadcom is Capital World Investors, which owns 43.3 million shares, translating to roughly 10.58% of all Broadcom stock. Trailing them is Vanguard, who own 28.9 million shares, totaling about 7.07% of all outgoing stock. 

The biggest mutual fund investor in Broadcom is the Growth Fund of America, holding 17.4 million shares (or 4.27% of all outoging stock). The next largest mutual fund investment is Fundamental Investors Inc, with 12.6 million shares, which makes up 3.08% of all outgoing Broadcom stock.

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