Though hedge funds in general have seen better days, with 2016 marking the closure of a large number of funds thanks to investor confidence concerns, major dips in return levels, and more, there have nonetheless been some standout holdings. According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs in its Hedge Fund Trend Monitor, a number of stocks have topped the list among hedge funds industry-wide. These holdings are the most popular stocks of 2016 among hedge fund managers.


The top of the list for 2016 is, Inc. (AMZN). Amazon has had a stellar year. In addition to retaining its position as the largest ecommerce company in the world, Amazon has continued to diversify its offerings in a huge variety of consumer areas, from television and entertainment to sales of products of many types. The company has recently made changes to its cloud computing on the back end, which some experts suggest could aid in its processing power and efficiency. In the past week, Amazon made its first drone deliveries in the U.K. Always at the forefront of the business world, it is no surprise that Amazon stock played a big role for 61 different hedge funds, according to Goldman's finding.


Following closely behind Amazon is Facebook (FB). With the importance of social media in general throughout the election cycle and leading up to the presidential election, Facebook led the charge. 57 different hedge funds hold Facebook stock among their top 10 holdings, marking this as one of the top priority stocks among elite money managers across th country.

Charter Communications

Less prominent to many in the general public than the top two stocks on this list, but nonetheless a major position for 53 different hedge funds, Charter Communications (CHTR) is the leading cable and satellite company among hedge fund managers for 2016. With an equity cap of $70 billion, and hedge funds holding CHTR stock holding an average portfolio weight of 9% for the company, Charter is not only widely represented by hedge funds but also heavily invested.


The number four stock on the list is Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGL), a return to the tech sector. The parent company of Google was held by 48 funds in a position within the top ten portfolio holdings, according to Goldman's research.


The fifth most important stock to hedge fund managers for 2016 was Apple (AAPL). 48 different funds held Apple stock in their top ten positions by the end of the third quarter of the year. According to Goldman, this makes Apple one of the most important holdings for 2016. Apple continues to uphold its reputation for innovation and customer-focused design, with new product releases like the iPhone 7 line in September helping to secure this top position.

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