Nasdaq-listed Tripadvisor Inc. (TRIP) has announced the 2017 Traveler’s Choice Awards, which includes the ranking of global as well as regional airline companies. (See also, The Industry Handbook: The Airline Industry.)

Among the top 10 airlines of the world, Emirates took the top spot, and was followed by Singapore Airlines and Azul Brazilian Airlines which stood at the second and third place respectively. America’s sixth largest airline, JetBlue (JBLU) grabbed the fourth spot, followed by Air New Zealand which took the fifth rank.

Rank Airline
1 Emirates
2 Singapore Airlines
3 Azul
4 JetBlue
5 Air New Zealand
6 Korean Air
7 Japan Airlines
8 Thai Smile
9 Alaska Airlines
10 Garuda Indonesia

The next three spots were picked by Asian players that include Korean Air, Japan Airlines (JAL), and Thai Smile, a regional airline and wholly owned subsidiary of Thai Airways. At the ninth place stood Alaska Airlines (ALK), the Alaska-based American airline company, which was followed by the Indonesian airline Garuda Indonesia at the tenth rank. (See also: 3 Best Airline ETFs for 2017)

Overall, six Asian airlines figured in the top 10 global airlines list, while two American airlines, and one each from South America and the Australian continent made it to the list. Interestingly, no European airline managed to break into the top 10 list for global airlines.

Regional Airlines Ranking

Among regional airline rankings, Delta Airlines (DAL) topped the list in North America. JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines (LUV), Virgin America, and WestJet were the top five mid-size & low cost airlines of North America.

Within Europe’s regional ranking, Russian Aeroflot took the top spot in the list of major airlines, and was followed by Turkish Airlines, The Netherlands-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, German Lufthansa, and Swiss International Air Lines at the next four positions. 

The survey also ranked the airlines as per the different classes of service. Emirates was voted as the best economy class airline, while Air New Zealand was rated the best airline for the premium economy class. The best business class airline spot was held by the Russian Aeroflot, and Emirates emerged as the favorite among TripAdvisor voters for the best airline for the first class service. (See also, The 5 Coolest Airlines In The World.)

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