We know Donald Trump likes to put on a show. The businessman and ex-reality star has denied rumors that he plans to launch a television network if he loses the election, but many are calling the announcement of a nightly show streamed on Facebook (FB) Live from Trump Tower a test run for just that. (See also, Donald Trump for President: What Are the Chances?)

It's also the campaign's way of circumventing the media bias Trump has spoken disdainfully about. "This is just an effort by us to reach out to you guys, give you the message straight from the campaign. You don't have to take it through the media filter and all the spin they put on it," said Trump adviser Cliff Sims on the first stream last night.

This is interesting because the campaign is looking to fight media bias by taking the idea to the extreme - a show by and for the campaign. Campaigns are of course free to deliver their messages however they choose to, but with the live-streamed newscast, the Trump campaign does so by pretending to be a rational, objective, panel discussion on a regular news channel. The efforts taken to blur the line between campaigning and news coverage are clear. This looks a lot like propaganda. One can't help but make the comparison to state-owned and state-controlled news media in other countries like China.

A ticker scroll at the bottom of the screen repeated four pieces of "news" - "Per a Rasmussen poll, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton 43% to 41%", "The WSJ reported that close Clinton all Terry McCauliffe authorized approx $800,000 to the wife of a top official at the FBI, who helped oversee the investigation into Clinton's secret server", "On Saturday, Donald Trump received an endorsement from the Las Vegas Review", and "Donald Trump is set to speak in Tampa shortly." The bottom of the screen displayed the local time and every frame of the panel had a banner below it. 

The show will stream at 6:30 p.m. ET on Facebook Live everyday and be hosted by Sims, Boris Epshteyn, another senior adviser to the campaign, and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren. More than a million people have viewed the first episode and it has been shared 39,000 times.

Content-wise, the team says the stream will cover Trump's rallies and focus on the work the campaign is doing. From the first stream we know a significant majority of the time will also be devoted to talking about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump's children will soon appear as guests. (See also, Bob Woodward Calls Clinton Foundation 'Corrupt' and a 'Scandal')

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