In what is a first of the kind deal, Virgin Mobile USA, reached an agreement with Apple Inc. (AAPL) to sell its iPhones exclusively.

The move on the part of the wireless carrier is aimed at luring more customers and is part of an overhaul of its strategy that parent Sprint Corp. (S) alluded to in 2016. Prior to the agreement with Apple the wireless carrier has sold prepaid Android smartphones via retail stores throughout the country. Now it will only hawk its iPhone only lineup and the ability to get service without having to sign a contract. The partnership with Apple also enables customers to activate Virgin Mobile USA services in the Apple stores. The company also gets to tout the fact that it is the first purely iPhone-only wireless carrier in all of the U.S.

“Virgin has always looked to shake things up and challenge the status quo in any sector we go into,” said Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, in a press release. “Mobile is no exception and with Virgin Mobile USA, we’ve now worked with Apple to create a compelling offer for our new Inner Circle plan. Simply put, when you buy an iPhone you will get the highest quality device and service plus access to an array of Virgin experiences and offers with our group of companies.” (See also: How are Richard Branson's holdings distributed?)

In conjunction with this shift in focus, Virgin Mobile USA also announced it would launch a limited time promotion in which it will charge customers just $1 for a year of unlimited talk, text and data. There are catches, particularly with the notion of unlimited data. Customers who use more than 23GB of data in one month will see their mobile Internet speed lowered. It's something all of the wireless carriers do even though they tout unlimited data. If a customers’ roaming usage surpasses 800 voice minutes or 100 megabytes Virgin Mobile USA said it could pull the deal and begin charging the customer the regular rates.

Customers have to purchase their iPhone either from Apple or the wireless carrier and then move their phone number over to its Inner Circle plan. That plan gives customers unlimited talk, text and data for $50 a month. Consumers also need to act fast given the deal will only last until July 31st of this year. The carrier is also throwing in a bunch of perks including a round-trip companion ticket to the United Kingdom on Virgin Atlantic, one night’s stay at Virgin Hotels, $170 savings on an introductory offer to Virgin Wines club, up to 20% discount off of flights on Virgin America and 20% off Virgin Sport San Francisco Festival of Fitness which runs from October 13 through October 15.

Virgin’s seemingly generous promotion is nothing new for the wireless telecommunication industry in the U.S. which faces fierce competition and cutthroat promotions. With the market getting saturated all of the wireless carriers are inventing new ways to steal customers from their peers. Earlier this month Sprint rolled out a new deal in which it's giving users who switch from a competitor a free year of unlimited service. (See also: Sprint to Drop 50% Discount.) 

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